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Auburn University’s accountancy program is a very credible program and has allowed many alumni to further their knowledge in the field and become very successful accountants. One major reason these students have become so successful is because the program gives the students real world challenges that require hard work and a great understanding of the material learned in the classroom.
One aspect of these real world challenges is the required internship each senior has to complete their final semester. This is a three-month program that provides students with hands on experiences with both local and well-known accounting firms. These internships are very serious, and students will not be enrolled in classes during their time with a company. This is to ensure that the student focuses sorely on doing their best for the company with no other distractions.
Erin Haley, senior in the accounting program at Auburn University expressed that she reaped great benefits from her required internship. “My internship taught me so much about applying all the material I learned in the classrooms for the past three and half years into real world situations. At first I was nervous that I would mess something up but by the end of my time at Sellers Richardson Holman & West LP Accounting Firm I was confident in the work that I provided satisfactory work,” Haley said. After the student completes the required internship, it is very common for the student to be offered a full-time job at the company. With this, some companies offer to pay for the Mastery of Accountancy Program that is to be completed after receiving an undergraduate diploma.
“I was offered a job, which I accepted at the end of my internship. I was so excited and it is nice to have a plan and know where I am going after graduation,” said Haley.
“The people I worked with through out the past three months were amazing. They helped me out so much if I had any kinds of questions and really welcomed me into the company.” Said Haley
If the student were to continue education at Auburn for the Mac program, then they would be categorized under a university who has one of the highest pass rates of the Certified Public Accountants exam in the country, at a rate 10 times higher the national average.
After the internship is completed, mid-march, the students then take two classes in a “minimester” until the end of the academic semester. These students are in class Monday-Friday for two classes that each last 1-½ hours. There are tests given in each class about every week. After these courses are taken, the student has then completed the requirements for undergraduate degree in accounting and will hold a diploma that May.
Haley expressed how much she appreciates the program by saying, “I have really enjoyed the program Auburn offers. I really like how small the upper level classes are and how close knit all of the students are. This makes it easy to seek for help whether it be a class study group or asking the teacher who is very familiar with their students.”

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