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Auburn University's Apparel Merchandising Degree

The College of Human Sciences is one that brings many of their students big opportunities, much like Auburn University as a whole. One department, the Department of Consumer Affairs, offers degrees varying from apparel merchandising to interior design.

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Each degree has multiple achievements to be proud of.  Interior Design is fully accredited by CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) for the maximum six years from 2008-2014.


Apparel Design and Production Management is endorsed by the American Apparel and Footwear Association Leadership Committee. 2009-2010 internship locations included 16 states from coast-to-coast and two countries in Europe.


With all this being said, there are three tactics in which this department is founded on. The three deal with research, outreach and faculty.


Their research programs address issues of importance to consumers and industry, their outreach programs focus on the needs of Alabama consumers, and their faculty are experts in their field and are committed to educating the next generation of professionals.


Of all the degree programs, Apparel Merchandising is one that has brought Auburn University student Hannah Blevins the best of both worlds. Blevins is a junior from Falkville, Ala, and is also obtaining a minor in business.


Blevins knew at a young age she loved math, but also loved fashion. Fashion was a way she could describe herself. Apparel Merchandising allows her to combine her love of numbers and fashion into one successful future career.


Many universities offer a degree in Apparel Merchandising, but then the question arises about why Blevins chose Auburn. Auburn has a community and family feel that wasn’t experienced at any other college she visited. Blevins knows that relationships are what lasts until the end.


“Auburn is my second home, and you never forget where your home is,” Blevins said.


No degree comes without a hard or challenging class. During Blevins’ freshman year she took introduction to textiles. The subject was so broad and detailed that it was a challenge to remember every piece of information on more than 100 fabrics.


At the same token, there are many classes which are fun and will always stick out in a students memory. Visual Merchandising is a course that teaches students how to create window displays by using colors, objects and text in order to make window displays appealing to consumers.


Blevins’ class was split into groups and each window had different criteria for the assignment. Another aspect learned was Photoshop, which was learned for their window critiques before each window display was started.

Apparel Merchandising at Auburn University has given Blevins’ multiple opportunities outside of the classroom. Blevins’ has worked with designers Christian Siriano, Tony Bowls and Justin Alexander. She has recently accepted the offer of a bridal photoshoot with Justin Alexander that will take place in a couple of weeks.


All students have dreams of what they want to do after college and Blevins’ is no different. She ultimately wants to own her own store one day, preferably a bridal store. Before that happens though, she wants to be a buyer for a major retail company. Nashville is where she would like to live, but Blevins’ ultimately knows it all depends on where she gets a job.


“My major encourages me to be the best at what I do and has provided me with many opportunities inside and outside of school to help me achieve my career goals,” Blevins said.


For more information on Apparel Merchandising or any of the degrees offered in the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University, you may visit

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