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Auburn University's Eight Best Hideaways

1. Agriculture Heritage Park

(Photo by: Jessica Terrell)

If you are in need of a breath of fresh air, the Agriculture Heritage Park is just the place for you. It is located on the southwest corner of Samford Avenue and Donahue Drive. Supported by the College of Agriculture, the park recognizes the state’s agriculture division. It includes the Red Barn, a pond and Herdsman’s House. It is a peaceful place to relax by the pond with a pet.

2. Donald E. Davis Arboretum

(Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

If you have a love of nature, the Donald E Davis Arboretum is a perfect getaway. Located on Auburn’s campus, the arboretum is on the corner of College Street and Garden Drive. More than 300 native plant species reside within the arboretum. It is sustained by the College of Sciences and Mathematics and opened every day from sunrise to sunset. There’s no better place to wander through the woods than the arboretum.

3. Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

(Photo by: Wikimedia)

For the creative spirits, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art is the place to be. It makes a suave presence at the entrance of the university grounds. At the front of the museum is a large lake surrounded by a track that guests can walk around while they are taking in the large pieces of  artwork that outline it such as the John Himmelfarb’s “Penelope Awaiting Her Chamberlain.” The museum has a cozy cafe that hosts “A Little Lunch Music” while diners eat. It is a great place to study and get inspired.

4. Livingston Courtyard  

(Photo use with permission by: Justin Garrett)

To find some peace and quiet the Livingston Courtyard  is the perfectly hidden spot. Located on the first floor in the middle of the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center, the courtyard is a serene place to retreat. This space has benches, a fountain, and plenty of space to roll out a yoga mat.  

5. Memory Garden

(Photo by: Jessica Terrell)

For a shady spot to study check out the memory garden located across the street from the President’s Mansion. The cool grassy garden has a small trail that leads to the Hill dorms, a pond, various types of flowers and benches.

6. Cater Hall Back Porch

(Photo by Jessica Terrell)

The perfect spot to kick back and watch the world go by is the back porch of Cater Hall. The two old porch swings make a perfect spot to enjoy and talk with friends.

7. Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve and Nature Center

(Photo by: Wikipedia)

If you’re feeling adventurous visit the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve and Nature Center. The center is located on North College Street by the Fisheries building and ponds. The nature center offers 30 hiking trails, live exhibits of wildlife, plenty of places to rest, and a butterfly garden.

8. Leisure  Pool

(Photo by: Auburn University)

If you want to cool off, from the Alabama heat, visit the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center Leisure Pool. Not much of a swimmer? The pool offers a sunbathing deck to catch some rays and an area to play water sports like volleyball. The 200,000 gallon pool has a spot for everyone. New at the pool is University Program Council’s “Dive in.” Grab an inner tube and watch a movie in the pool on a big screen.


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