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Auburn University Students Launch Campaign to Solve Hunger

In the spring of 2012, four students in the Hunger Studies program at Auburn University entered the semester as normal students willing to prove themselves in their capstone class. But a quick turn of events turned their final project into a colossal campaign before their eyes.

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Jennie Daniel, Anna Kate Mullinix, Aubrey Sullivan and Devin Yeomans knew they were passionate about ending hunger, so they asked themselves and their peers one question: “Why do you care about hunger?” And with that simple question, the Why Care Campaign was born.

“When we were choosing the idea behind our project, we knew we wanted to do something to draw awareness to hunger all over the world,” said Daniel. “So the simple idea we brainstormed became the backbone of our campaign, and we went from there.”

The students began collecting photos of their peers and supporters answering the question of why they care in their own words. With this simple movement, the students quickly realized that their idea could be turned into a massive movement.

After the spring semester came to a close, the students decided to keep working on their campaign throughout the summer and partnered with the Universities Fighting World Hunger to help spread their message to an even larger audience.

“After we paired with the Universities Fighting World Hunger program over the summer, our message really took off and began gaining attention,” said Daniel. “Our campaign also caught the eye of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations World Food Programme.”

The Why Care Campaign is using all of the research and support they have collected over the past nine months and are turning their focus onto World Food Day on Oct. 16. By this date, the campaign hopes to collect 10,000 photos of supporters portraying why they care to help inspire the movement.

The campaign has grabbed the attention of not only the Auburn Family, but of officials across our state as well. Officials from the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama, the Alabama Poverty Project, the Bay Area Food Bank and even Lt. Governor Kay Ivey participated in the campaign, posting their own personal pictures of why they care to end hunger.

“It was great to see the support from our state officials when we were in Montgomery this past week,” said Daniel. “Their eagerness to help our campaign is encouraging and helps us know that we can continue this campaign to accomplish our goal.”

To learn more about the Why Care Campaign and to get involved, please visit or visit to post your own picture of why you care about hunger.

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