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Auburn University Students Take Mission Trip to Honduras Over Spring Break

The Auburn Christian Student Center, better known as ACSC, is a campus ministry open to all Auburn University students. The ACSC has been around for years and their impact on students lasts forever. There are endless opportunities to be found at the ACSC as well, including a spring break trip to Honduras.

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Every spring break students and staff at the ACSC take a mission trip to Honduras. This year 19 students made the trip. The group departed Auburn at 4 am on March 10 and returned at 8 pm on March 17.


The purpose of the Honduras mission trip is simple: encouragement. Yes, they build houses and make bricks, but honestly the Hondurans can build a house and make bricks five times faster than the ACSC group. The ACSC’s purpose for going to Honduras and working alongside them is to show them that they love them, and to cultivate a hope for a better future.


They work with an organization called Mission Lazarus, which reaches Honduras through agricultural, educational, medical and spiritual outreach. This is where the ACSC group lives for the week. The ranch itself houses a children’s home, a school, a coffee plantation that gives jobs to hundreds of Hondurans, and more. The women that work at Mission Lazarus clean the cabins for all the groups that filter throughout during the year and prepare delicious Honduran cuisine.


There is a community in Honduras called Santa Anita that the ACSC has formed a close bond with over the years. They spent most of their time making bricks and building a house for a family in Santa Anita. They also passed out food bags to families who are struggling financially and emotionally. The children of Santa Anita also got to experience Vacation Bible School.


Most families in Santa Anita live in stick houses with a tarp for a roof, have sick relatives and have no money or food. The group brought a bunch of clothing and passed it out to the children while they were there. After returning to Auburn, the ACSC received a letter from the preacher, Carlos, saying that the students generosity inspired them to start collecting things to give to a needy community a few hours away. Raegan Maxwell, a sophomore in secondary english education, was blown away and forever impacted by the high spirits of these people.


“A group of people that have a little more than clothes on their back and who are wondering where their next meal is going to come from is willing to sacrifice what little they have to give to others who are needy,” Maxwell said, “that is true selflessness like I have never seen before and it is beautiful.”


Maxwell has been involved with the ACSC her whole life being from Auburn, but has been involved as a student for two years. This was Maxwell’s second year traveling to Honduras for spring break and she says seeing other college students give up their spring break is one of her favorite parts about the trip. As college students, society tells us that we should be partying and living up the ‘best days of our lives.’


“Seeing a group of my peers being passionate about helping people in a foreign country, some of which cannot speak the same language, and giving up their spring break to do back-breaking labor in a hot desert is an encouragement to me,” Maxwell said.


Auburn University students have the chance to get involved with the ACSC in many ways. Many students come together multiple times a week to worship and hear lessons from campus minister Jim Brinkerhoff. Devotionals, small groups, classes, intramural teams and other events happen weekly and there is always a group of students hanging out at the ACSC 24/7.


The ACSC welcomes students anytime to join the close-knit family. The best way to describe the family is in Acts 2:44, “All the believers were together and had everything in common.”



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