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Auburn University's Program for Students in Need

Auburn University has a program set up to aid disabled students with interacting in the classroom more effectively and to excel overall. The Program for Students with Disabilities has provided an excellent source for students in need as well as a comfortable place for those students to talk about any issues they are facing. The staff in this program has worked hard to overcome barriers that students may have everyday in the classroom and have made it a goal for the students with disabilities to utilize the accommodations effectively. 

Disability specialists have the duty of meeting with the student in need and discussing what disability he/she has along with certain accommodations the student needs to succeed. The program hopes to provide students with disabilities with the most efficient tools they need for the classroom along with helping the professor understand the duties they must fill for the disabled student.

The Program for Students with Disabilities has changed the way students present their accommodations to their professors this year. It is done through an electronic system that emails the teacher in letting the professor know exactly what accommodations the student needs. The student then sets up a time to meet with the professor to discuss the certain accommodations that need to be utilized.  For example, if a student is hard of hearing, a professor may need to provide the accommodation of a note-taker for the classroom. The electronic system has been proven to be better for the student and the professor’s knowledge of the student’s disability. 

Claire Tucker, who is in The Program for Students with Disabilities, said, “This program has truly been a life-saver for me. It is so great that there is something on campus that cares about my needs and the hardship it has on my ability in the classroom and studying on my own time.” Tucker has suffered with hearing loss in her right ear and has a hard time hearing and comprehending a professor’s lecture. Tucker explained that she has the accommodations of a note-taker in the classroom and the lecture PowerPoint slides sent to her by the teacher to her email. 

The Program of Students with Disabilities’ office is located on the first floor of Haley Center and is always happy to schedule an appointment. The program’s staff wants to create a friendly environment on Auburn University’s campus for those students who need attention and assistance to their disability. The staff wants the student and teacher alike to understand that having disabilities does affect a student’s success in the classroom. The student should identify these disabilities as barriers to learning and utilize the accommodations necessary. The mission of The Program for Students with Disabilities is to create a more accessible way of learning to ensure excellence in the student.  This program has been accredited with doing just that. 

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