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Auburn’s BCS Celebration: The Culmination of an Undergraduate Journey

    78,000 students, faculty, alumni and fans approached and entered their beloved Jordan-Hare Stadium for the Tiger’s BSC Championship celebration on a sunny spring afternoon.  It is easy to say that all Auburn football fans are different in many different ways and have had their own unique stories and experiences with Auburn football. Andrew Brown, a freshman in 2004 who is still an undergraduate, tells his particular story as the stadium begins to fill and everyone anxiously waits for the festivities to begin.
    Andrew came to Auburn in the Fall of 2004 and experienced one of the most electrifying seasons to date where Auburn went 13 – 0. This season is infamous with the people who call the “Plains” home, because of the eventual snub to play in the National Championship with an undefeated season.
    Brown recounts this time, “The school was so outraged, it was almost too unhealthy to be around. People were dejected, depressed, and really felt that not playing for the Championship with our team and record was a huge slap in the face.”
    Over the next 5 seasons Auburn had fairly decent records (minus 2008 of course) but Andrew and the university were still holding a grudge because of the unfortunate happening in 2004.
    “After the 8 – 5 season, I had some tough decisions ahead of me: graduate or stick around another fall semester. I decided to have another football season because I heard about this Cameron Newton character and thought maybe we could make a run at the SEC. My parents we not too thrilled at the time but now I’m sitting here at Jordan-Hare in January, so you know something went right.”
    Something did go right, for sure. The Tigers earned a 14 – 0 record with an SEC Championship and National Championship.  At this point, the party on Pat Dye Field was in full effect.
    All attendees smile and listen as coaches and players give speeches preaching to the importance of hard work and family. There is an undeniable sense and feel of invincibly in the air and the fans and players are taking it all in. Muffed comments like “we did it” and “I can’t believe this” can he heard from the North end of the stadium all the way to the South. This is truly an example of a family reunion.
    Throughout the celebration, Andrew Brown says nothing. He sits and reflects on all the ups and downs that he experienced in his 7 years of attending Auburn football games. Many people cannot say that they have seen every game in a lone season, but Andrew can say he has seen every single one in a 7 year span, all as an undergraduate. He came to Auburn and witnessed a perfect season in 2004 that ended in disappointment and controversy in his first semester, but now he can say he saw “The” perfect season in 2010, the one he thought he would never have, in his final semester at Auburn University.

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