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Avoiding the Dreaded Library During Final Exams

Finals are right around the corner, and that means maximum capacity at the library on Auburn's campus. Ralph Brown Draughon library, better known to students as “RBD”, will quickly turn into most students’ home during final exams week and the week prior. Instead of circling the parking lot a hundred times trying to find a parking spot, then hoping to find an open table or even a chair, why not test out a new study area hidden around Auburn.

There is a large variety of options around town to get comfortable and study the day away. Local coffee shops provide a good atmosphere to study, as well as some of the local churches offer their facilities to study in. Buildings on campus allow access to empty classrooms that are perfect for studying in as well.

Coffee shops provide a comfortable atmosphere for students to study in, as well as delicious coffee and food to keep you energized while studying.  Local coffee shops such as Wake Up Coffee Co., Toomers Coffee Shop, The Overall Company and Mama Mocha’s Coffee Emporium are all just a short walk or drive away to a study heaven.

“I hate going to the library, especially during finals week. I made the mistake of going there freshman year and won’t do that again. I love studying at Mama Mocha’s because it is walking distance from where I live and it is one of my favorite places in Auburn. They have the best coffee and I really enjoy how the atmosphere is there. I get a lot of studying done, but it doesn’t seem as miserable as the library does,” said Kelsey McIlwain, a senior at Auburn University.

Several churches around town invite students to study at their facilities to escape the busy library. Cornerstone Church and Church of the Highlands, two popular churches among college students, welcome students to study and sometimes even provide snacks!

“I studied at Cornerstone Church last year during exams and it was so much more enjoyable than anywhere else. My friends and I had plenty of room and it never got too loud, which is a big issue at the library, even on the fourth floor during exams,” said Lizzie Felder, a senior at Auburn University.

The library is not the only place on campus that students have access to study in. Buildings such as Lowder and the Haley Center keep doors unlocked for students to be able to study in empty classrooms. With the recent addition of Starbucks, Lowder is a great place to find a quiet room to study in.

“I started studying in Lowder my freshman year because I would always meet there for group projects anyways. It is really quiet and the white boards are really helpful when having to write material out. Now that Starbucks is there, I don’t have any reason to go anywhere else,” said Kendal Oxford, a junior at Auburn University. 

There is no need to rush to the library in hopes of finding a place to sit when all these other study locations are available. Avoid the crowd and noise of the library during finals and try out one of these great options! 

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