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Baking the World into a Sweeter Place, One Cookie at a Time


Elisabeth Epperson is a freshman at Auburn who is well on her way to satisfying anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth. Whether its cakes, brownies, cupcakes or her famous sugar cookies, you’re guaranteed to be a little bit sweeter after one of her creations.


Elisabeth grew up in Montgomery, Ala. and has been baking for about five years.  She had her first baking experience in the eighth grade and immediately fell in love after taking a cake decorating class. That summer, Elisabeth held her first bake sale to raise money for a mission trip to Malawi, Africa. Elisabeth had so much positive feedback from the sale that she decided to continue baking throughout high school.


Although Elisabeth may have learned most of her cooking skills in the classroom, her one true inspiration comes from her mom. “I grew up in the kitchen with my mom and she taught me so much. She is the best cook, and she really inspired me to start baking. When my siblings and I were little, we would sit on the kitchen counter and help our mom bake every day. The kitchen is my favorite place to be.”


Elisabeth found her baking niche when she made her first batch of sugar cookies. “My absolute favorite things to make are decorated sugar cookies. I love making them because you can be creative and turn a simple cookie into something beautiful. I love getting new orders and having to think of new ideas for cookies.” Elisabeth’s cookies are in high demand around Montgomery. She has taken hundreds of cookie orders in the past five years.


All through high school, Elisabeth had a variety of customers wanting to get their hands on these scrumptious cookies.  She would take orders for anything from grooms cakes, birthday cakes, birthday cookies, wedding cookies and many more! She can take any type of cookie idea and make it a reality. She keeps track of all the different types of cookies she has made in her blog, “Baking the world into a sweeter place.”  This link will take you to her blog where you can check out some of her incredible cookies! Baking the World into a Sweeter Place

It’s safe to say that Elisabeth’s favorite room in her house is the kitchen. She admitted to spending over 30 hours a week baking cookies, cakes, and cupcakes! She even has held cooking classes for young girls to teach them fun ways to bake! Elisabeth had another confession, “I checked out of school many times and baked/decorated until midnight, and still get up early the next morning trying to finish up orders.”


Not only has Elisabeth's baking been a success in Montgomery, now she is well on her way to becoming the next great baker of Auburn. Elisabeth is featured in a segment on Eagle Eye TV's morning news show, "Wake Up Auburn." Here's the link where you can find full episodes and see Elisabeth teach everyone how to make her delicious pumpkin cupcakes! Wake Up Auburn 

Elisabeth has always dreamt of having her own bakery one day. She says she would love to be able to have a bakery for her sugar cookies and be able to share them with everyone. But for now, she plans on sharing them with those closest to her.













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