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Balancing Baking and Books with Sarah Epperson

For Sarah Epperson, a junior majoring in Hotel and Restaurant management, cooking and baking is not as simple as she makes it look.

Growing up in a home where the kitchen was the family gathering spot, Sarah and her sisters developed a passion and coping mechanism through their art of baking.

The Epperson sisters have made their mark across Auburn University’s campus and throughout the community as two of the most talented cookie and cake designers. Her sister Elisabeth is a senior who is also majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management. They grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, where some of their earliest and fondest memories of baking took place.

Epperson’s passion for baking started at a young age. Sarah and her two sisters spent countless hours in the kitchen with their grandmother and mother baking. “Both my mom and my grandmother are exceptional cooks and have molded that same love into my sisters and I,” Sarah said.

Sarah, while also talented in baking cookies like her sister, has a little different approach to pursuing her passion in baking. With her major being Hotel and Restaurant Management, she is required to obtain 600 work hours by the time she reached her senior year. At the beginning of this year, she heard about the new train-station inspired restaurant, “The Depot,” that was opening.

“I originally applied as a hostess since I am experienced, but I told them that I was more interested in working with the pastry department because that is where my true passion lies,” Sarah explained, “not in being a hostess.” After sitting down with the chef and general manager, they hired Sarah on the spot after she showed them pictures of things that she has created and baked. “I bake the three desserts on the menu: Apple Cobbler, Panna Cotta, and Mocha Beignets,” Sarah said, “Of the three, my favorite is the Apple Cobbler.”

Apart from the restaurant, Sarah’s favorite thing to bake is a cake. “Cakes are so special to me because they symbolize a celebration, big or small,” Sarah explains, “I love seeing people's faces light up whenever I deliver them a yummy treat.”

Sarah chooses to bake with different methods and techniques. “I am definitely the experimenter of the family,” Sarah said, “While Elisabeth is very calculated and precise when it comes to her recipes.” Sarah’s motto is, “As long as it turns out yummy, I don't see a problem with experimenting.”

Sarah finds relaxation in baking, but balancing it along with work and school can be challenging. “Whenever I’m really stressed, I just have to take a step back and take on one task at a time,” Epperson said.

Baking is something she hopes to always be able to do and enjoy.

Epperson‘s dream job would be in New York City working for Bon Appetite magazine in their studios as a food stylist or in the test kitchen. Until the youngest Epperson sister makes it big in the baking industry, Sarah is going to keep experimenting and enlightening the community with her cooking and baking talents.

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