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Be Well Hut: Inspiring Students to Live Healthy

Last winter, the Auburn University’s Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Services launched a new campaign called the Be Well Hut. The Be Well Hut is a peer outreach program on campus designed to better the well being of Auburn’s students by educating them about their health and wellness.


The idea to have a Be Well Hut on Auburn’s campus was taken from other colleges and universities throughout the Southeast. The students at these colleges and universities seemed to greatly benefit from the information provided by the hut and Auburn is hoping to have the same reaction from its students.


Caroline Gagnon is a sophomore at Auburn University studying early childhood education. She is a committee member of the Be Well Hut campaign.


“I got involved with the Be Well Hut to help educate my fellow classmates on the importance of being healthy, both mentally and physically,” Gagnon said. “As college students, it can be easy to stray away from living a healthy lifestyle so I want to help get students back on the right track.”


On campus, Be Well Hut committee members pass out fliers, engage students in conversation and play interactive games. “The more personal we are with other students, the more interested they are going to be,” Gagnon said. “We are always working to create new and fun ways to get students involved with our campaign while still educating them on health and wellness.”


The Be Well Hut committee focuses on a wide-range of topics relating to health and wellness. “Last week, we focused on how to eat healthy on campus,” Gagnon said. “We passed out fliers that detailed healthy dining options at various locations on campus. Next week, we are prepared to focus on anti-bullying.” Other topics that will be addressed through the campaign include self-love, heart health, mental health, sexual health, stress, exercising and alcohol safety. 


The Be Well Hut campaign strives to encourage students to keep a positive attitude and live a healthy lifestyle. The hut can be found around campus working to achieve this goal.


For more information about the Be Well Hut and how you can stay healthy, visit Auburn’s Health Promotion and Wellness Services’ website or follow @AuburnHealth on Twitter.

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