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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Beam Bama food drive at Auburn University. The goal this year is to collect 350,000 pounds of food for the Food Bank of East Alabama. The food drive is underway now and will continue until the week of the Iron Bowl ending November 25.


The Beat Bama food drive has been working to bring awareness to the number of Alabamians who go without basic nutrition every day. Hunger is the number one health risk in the world. In 2004, Alabama had one of the top five highest poverty rates in the United States with 214,200 households considered food insecure.


This food drive has been linked to one of the hottest rivalries in college football. Auburn has challenged the University of Alabama and the Food Bank of West Alabama to see who could collect the most non-perishable food for their food bank. Last year Auburn beat the University of Alabama by 7,000 pounds.


“This is such an important issue that many people do not realize exist in their own backyard right here in Alabama,” said Vice President of Marketing Morgan Stubbs. “Uniting the students, faculty and community of Auburn for such a good cause shows the Auburn spirit and if we all work together how much we can accomplish.”


Since the competition began 20 years ago both schools combined have raised more than 3 million pounds of food. So far this year the Beat Bama food drive have collected 1,683 pounds of food.


Anybody can get involved and help in some way. They are currently accepting non-perishable food donations, but volunteers to collect and sort food are also welcomed.


“We expect the Auburn family to come out and give generously to help us meet our goal this year,” said Stubbs. “Not only are we going to make a difference in our community, but beating bama is always a plus.”


Check out the Beat Bama Food Drive website for more information on volunteering and where to donate because we believe in Auburn and love it.




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