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The quaint shops that line the streets of downtown Auburn are loved by locals, students and visitors from all around. Behind the Glass is a boutique located on Magnolia Avenue, and its eye-catching charm brings in many customers.

While many people enjoy shopping at this boutique, not everyone knows the history of the establishment. In October of 1987, Behind the Glass opened as a café and art gallery. The store sold some gifts, but it brought in the most customers for its sandwiches, pastas, and salads. Patrons could enjoy a fresh meal while observing the art that was sold and displayed at the time.

Early October will mark the 25th year anniversary of Behind the Glass. Donna Young, storeowner and manager, explains that the past 25 years have been an “evolutionary process.” When Young opened the store years ago, she wanted to bring something special to Auburn that was not already offered to shoppers in the area. Because of it’s downtown location, Young decided to cater mainly to students and young adults.              

Young graduated from Auburn with a major in art and was attracted to the venue because of the location, size, and the large wall of windows at the front of the store. The wall of uniquely large windows sparked the idea for the store’s name. Glass windows, glass-protected art work, and glass tables ultimately inspired the name Behind the Glass.

Replacing an old records store, the new small town business quickly gained popularity. As the business’s success grew, it increasingly incorporated the art of fashion. Young eventually did away with the café and today Behind the Glass sells primarily clothing and jewelry. 

In the heart of a small town, the boutique has a modern design and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.  The store offers a large selection of designer merchandise, ranging greatly in price and in style. “I love Behind the Glass because they have some of the best quality clothes in Auburn. I don’t have to go all the way to Atlanta to get designer clothing,” says senior Sara Roberts. Designer apparel such as Free People and BCBG can be found in the store, along with other big name designers loved by many. 

As far as competition with other boutiques in the area, Young says “It definitely keeps you on your toes because you don’t want to have the same things that other people have.” As trends and styles are constantly changing, it can be a busy job. Keeping up with what’s in style is obviously important, but it is also important to foresee emerging trends as well.

Young travels the nation to fashion capitals of the U.S. in order to keep up with trends and provide the hottest styles to Auburn shoppers. She frequently visits Atlanta and makes a trip to Las Vegas every year. This past summer she traveled to Los Angeles and New York City. When visiting big cities, Young maintains her southern sensibility and keeps in mind that some urban trends may lack popularity in a small town, such as Auburn. Young has a good eye for fashion and works hard to provide shoppers with the best selection of merchandise.

The past 25 years have been a whirlwind of excitement and success, and Behind the Glass will be hosting special events throughout the month of October to celebrate the big anniversary.  There will be a kick-off party followed by trunk shows and giveaways. People will have the chance to win free t-shirts and the opportunity to win a $2,500 gift certificate.
             For more information please visit Behind the Glass’s Facebook page.

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