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“You really know what’s going on with the program, and behind the scenes stuff.”

Auburn student Michael Wilmot is a manager on the Auburn men’s basketball team. This past season was his first as manager. He has enjoyed being close to the program.

“Everyone knows you. You feel close to other players, and coaches. Everyone is supportive and wants to get to know you,” said Wilmot.

The process to become a manager is competitive according to Wilmot. The Auburn basketball office gets applications every day.

There were fifteen managers this past year and their duties are different dependent on what area they are assigned, according to Wilmot. His duties include watching the film, helping on game days and setting up practice.

Wilmot enjoys helping out in the film room and being involved in discussing different plays.

“There are six of us that help out with the film. That consists of breaking down games against other opponents, and helping the coaching staff with drawing up plays," said Wilmot.

Wilmot also helps set up practice. This includes getting towels, whiteboards, basketballs and filling water bottles.

Working as a manager is a big time commitment according to Wilmot.

“It varies per week. Probably around 20-30 hours a week. You have practice every day, and if you're doing film stuff you’ve got to come in later for that," said Wilmot.

He reports to graduate assistant Frankie Sullivan.

Sullivan played basketball for Auburn from 2008-2012. He ranks twenty-fifth all time in scoring for Auburn.

Wilmot has enjoyed working with Sullivan and the other Auburn coaches. Wilmot says Sullivan can still shoot. He even competes against some of the other players in practice.

“Whenever Frankie is in the gym I still think he’s the best shooter in the gym. He can still stroke it; players are always trying to have contests with him. He still wins his fair share of them,” said Wilmot.

It’s a great opportunity to start a career in college basketball coaching, according to Wilmot.

“Last year a lot of the managers got graduate assistant spots at other schools. It helps you get into the coaching world. From there you can get an assistant coaching job. So defiantly a good stepping-stone,” said Wilmot.

It's not a requirement for prospective managers to have played basketball, according to Wilmot.

“I would defiantly encourage anybody to do it. But it’s a big time commitment. You have to really love basketball to do it, and love Auburn too,” said Wilmot.

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