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Bicycles, Skateboards and...Unicycles? Oh My!

Most students at Auburn get to class in a predictable manner. The majority walk, a lot ride the Tiger Transit, some bicycle, and a few even skateboard to class. But Kevin Tonn, a senior majoring in mathematics, isn't exactly predictable.  (Photos from the Facebook group:  The Guy who rides his unicycle between classes)

His senior year of high school, Tonn decided he would learn how to ride the unicycle. He learned by, “lots of falling off,” Tonn said. “Sadly, there’s no better way of learning.”

But he learned. Tonn compares riding the unicycle to riding a bike…just without handlebars. It’s “pretty much the same thing,” Tonn said. “You just have to account for the forward/backwards motion.”

Tonn’s hobby can be classified as uncommon at Auburn, and the attention he gets from students reflects that.

“I expected [the attention] a little bit, just because the unicycle is not a common sight,” said Tonn. “I wasn’t prepared for the response though.”

Whenever the unicycle is spotted, whispers of, “look! It’s the guy who rides his unicycle to class!” can be heard.

Students frequently point out that Tonn is “missing a wheel” he said

The sight has become so familiar around campus that students found it necessary to create a  Facebook group.

Creatively named, “The Guy Who Rides His Unicycle Between Classes,” the group is up to 2,406 likes.

The group makes Tonn feel, “amused and flattered,” he said. But he takes the unexpected and unwanted attention, “in stride.”

He figures that people just, "aren’t used to interacting with unicycles.”

As his senior year speeds by, students are left wondering, what will happen when the unicycle guy leaves Auburn?

Students can only hope that new unicyclists will continue the legend on campus.

Tonn’s advice to any upcoming protégés? You learn by, “simply getting on, falling, falling, and starting again. Be prepared for it take time and effort…and Band-Aids.”

Tonn is interning in Huntsville, Ala. for the fall semester.

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