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When a lot of students come to Auburn they see it as a downsizing experience; a real small town feel.  Well for freshman Mary-Carter English that isn't the case.  English is from Monroeville, Ala. where the population is around 7,000 people, which is barely more than one grade at Auburn.  


The 18-year-old pre-nursing major has a long lineage of Auburn graduates in her family.  Her great-grandfather, grandfather, father and older sister all have attended Auburn, so she was certainly not going to end the streak.


1. How would you describe your freshman year living experience?


Good for the most part.  Its been convenient being close to everything on campus including classes and the student union.  I also like living with girls my own age in the quad.


2. What organizations are you involved in: social or school related?


I joined a Greek social organization, Kappa Delta, which is the same one my older sister was in.  It helped shrink down the size of the school and allowed me to meet some awesome girls.  Along with Kappa Delta, I joined College of Republicans on campus to get more involved in politics and debates with some of my peers.


3. How do you like the size of Auburn University and the city?


The campus is small enough to always see somebody that you know, but big enough to always meet somebody new.  As for the city, being from a small town I like the size of Auburn because if it was any bigger I'd have a culture shock.


4. What are your favorite school subjects and why?


Sociology, psychology and human development.  I like learning about people's social behaviors and how they can be applied to everyday life.  Besides the science side of nursing, I am looking forward to getting to apply this to my patients one day.


5. What has it been like to enjoy a championship football season your first year here?


It has been exciting since its been so long since we last won one.  Growing up an Auburn fan my whole life I'm so blessed to be able to be here when it happened.  It also gets me pumped for the next three seasons I have left.

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