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If going to classes and being a college student wasn’t hard enough, let's add in a blog. Auburn University is the home of several bloggers who document day-to-day life, thoughts, or ideas via the Internet.

Blogs were first created in 1994 on In 1997, the term “Weblog” was coined but was shortened to “blog” in 1999. In the early 2000s, a variety of blogs and bloggers emerged. In 2004, blogs gained mainstream popularity. Today, the popularity for blogging has grown so much that a new blog is created almost every second of every day.

For Kelsey Layne Tucker, a lifestyle and fashion blogger and Auburn University student, blogging is a major part of her life. Tucker started blogging in high school and has since made a name for herself in the blogging world.

 After returning to Auburn this semester from her internship in New York, Tucker has found it somewhat difficult to balance going to school full time and blogging.“School is the priority, so I only shoot, edit and write when I have enough time,” said Tucker.

Malan Lynn McCracken, another blogger, is a sophomore at Auburn University majoring in communication. With classes, homework and other extracurricular activities it can be challenging for McCracken to make time to blog. “Blogging in school is really hard to keep up with, but I really try to and work it into my planner and that helps a lot,” said McCracken.

Blogging while in college presents opportunities that might not otherwise be available. It is a way to network and get connected with possible future employers and build relationships with other bloggers. Tomi Obebe, senior at Auburn University, started blogging earlier in the summer and has already made relationships with local businesses. She collaborated with Scarlet and Gold as well as a few other bloggers to promote the Give Grace campaign. This not only allowed the business to jumpstart in Auburn but also increased Obebe’s blog following and promoted a great cause.

Blogging is a way to informally express or show creativity through writing. “I was inspired to start this blog when I realized that I could combine my love for writing and my personal style,” said Obebe. It is a way to show off who you are and share with others what you are passionate about. “I started blogging so that I could make people smile with my random thoughts,” said McCraken.

“Blogging is a wonderful outlet and distraction from the stress of school,” said Tucker. As students, it’s hard to find down time, but for these bloggers and many others, perusing a blog is worth the study break.


(Photos/ Victoria Beasley)

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