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This weekend Auburn University hosted the BLUE On Tour festival. On Saturday they had special film screening for children in the science center auditorium, but because of technical difficulties things did not go as planned.

The auditorium was packed with families waiting to watch these fun and informative films.

The first film was “Willem the Whale.” From the beginning of the film it skipped. No one in the crowd could even figure out what the film was about.

“The Plastic Perils of the Pacific” actually worked. It was a video about a crab cleaning up the sea. But the kids were not thrilled when the film was repeated for a second time.

The other films that were planned to be shown did not work at all, and the kids began to get restless and a few families began to leave the auditorium.

Giving “Riddle in the Bottle” one last chance to play it actually worked perfectly, but just as everyone thought it was going to play all the way through it began to skip again.

Not all failed at the event though. The activities planned for after the films were a big hit with the kids and families.

Outside there were games and crafts for the kids and families to participate in. One of the favorite games was the treasure in the sandbox. The kids dug through a sandbox looking for treasures such as shells and other toys. Another favorite was holding a live snake.

Pat Eagerton from Enterprise, Ala. commented on the event very highly.


“It has been good and my children have enjoyed it very much,” Eagerton said.

Overall the event was a success. Hopefully next BLUE On Tour they will resolve the technical difficulties that altered watching the films.

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