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Board Approves the New School of Communication and Journalism

Today the Auburn University Board of Trustees voted to approve formal creation of The School of Communication and Journalism. Current department chair Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser and incoming chair Dr. Jennifer Adams were present at the meeting representing the proposal.

"The Board of Trustees approved our request for school designation! We are now the School of Communication and Journalism," Adams wrote in an email announcement to faculty and staff. Adams shared special thanks to Dean Anna Gramberg and Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser for their hard work and support of the initiative.

In other news, the RTVF program in the new school also has a new visual media track of study. It was also approved by the Board. Thanks go out to Hollie Lavenstein and Kevin Smith for their work on the visual media initiative.

A big day for Communication and Journalism! Congratulations to all those that worked so hard on both initiatives and to the students who will now benefit from the formal designation of school status. War Eagle!

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