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Today I received the best gift I have received in a very long time. A friend had made our recent Sicily trip photos into a coffee table, deluxe sized hard cover book. It brought the whole trip alive with photos of foods we ate, the small villages we visited, the fields and mountains we viewed.

There are many online publishers willing to turn your photos into great memory books. This is a good thing.

 Digital technology is great, no film to buy, loose or not have enough of. However, in 100 years we will be considered the "Invisible Age". There will be no photos due to technology changes...from floppy discs, cd's, flash drives, videos, dvd's...what's next? I know without a VCR from the 80's my parent's wedding videos are already useless unless the video is upgraded each time with new technology. We are consumed with taking a "zillion" photos with almost unlimited memory cards. Unfortunately most of us do not have time to compile and separate all of our photos to print and then place them oderly in a scrap book or photo album.

The books my friend made for us were done with and it is absolutely my favorite gift of the year.

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