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Bringing Awareness to the Auburn Speech & Hearing Clinic

Auburn University provides many services for the Auburn community, one of which is the Auburn University Speech & Hearing Clinic, located inside the Haley Center. The AU Speech and Hearing Clinic, an outreach service of the College of Liberal Arts, was established in 1947 and has been serving the surrounding community for over 60 years.

(Photo: Aubie visits AU Speech & Hearing Clinic; Used with permission by Auburn University)

Dr. Martha Wilson, Doctor of Audiology, Clinical Professor, and hearing clinic coordinator, speaks to the skills and benefits of the clinic.
“I have been with the clinic for 25 years, and in being here that long I can tell you that we are never complacent,” said Dr. Wilson. “I can’t just sit here and say ‘well that is what I learned 40 years ago so it has to be right.’ Working with these students and at the university, every day I am learning something new. It is very exciting.”

The clinic provides a full range of diagnostic evaluation and treatment services for clients of all ages, from infants to adults. The facilities include three audiometric test booths, an electrophysiologic test room, fifteen therapy rooms with observation, and a group therapy room.

(Photo: AU Speech & Hearing Clinic viewing room; Used with permission by Auburn University) 

Elissa Zylla-Jones, a clinical professor of Speech-Language Pathology, also addresses the benefits of faculty with a wide range of expertise.

“We have clinical faculty as well as academic faculty who specialize in a variety of disorders, both for audiology and speech, so we can see all different ages and a variety of disorders,” said Zylla-Jones. “So often the issue can be so intertwined for a patient. For example, it can be a child with language or speech delay who might also have a hearing component and they come for an evaluation. It’s really nice to be in a facility that I can evaluate somebody and also refer to my colleagues. There is a lot of collaboration between us and with our faculty we can address any hearing, communication, or balance disorder.”

State licensed and nationally certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists staff the AU Speech & Hearing Clinic. All faculty members hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

“We do see a lot of adults and many tend to be voice clients. We see adult articulation, like with accent reduction, as well as adult stroke victims and adult traumatic brain injury. With children it’s the same thing; fluency, voice, language and articulation. It is a wide range and a wide variety of disorders,” said Zylla-Jones.
As the clinic faculty works hard to assess and treat every patient who present to the clinic, they also try to bring awareness for the community through various activities.

“My colleague, Dr. Marsha Kluesing, fabricated ‘Aubrey’, a Dangerous Decibels mannequin. Aubrey was designed with a sound level meter to help show that you might be listening to your music too loudly. We take Aubrey to schools, health fairs, such as the Mad Scientist Fair, and other events. Our students along with the faculty are going out to the community and trying to educate about safe hearing, safe listening, and hearing conservation. It’s great because Aubrey is so unusual looking, people just want to come up and see what she is all about,” said Dr. Wilson. (Photo: Aubrey tours Auburn Campus; used with permission by Auburn University) 

Students and faculty take every opportunity to promote awareness of the clinic and its benefits to students and teachers. “We see many students and we would definitely like to see more if they are out there and we want them to know that we are here and available to help in any way we can,” said Zylla-Jones.

For more information on the AU Speech and Hearing Clinic or to make an appointment, call 334-844-9600 or visit our website.

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