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Busted: The Top 5 European Graduation Trip Myths

In light of our victorious football season, why not continue this celebration and spread our family cheer throughout Europe this summer? Imagine holding our burnt orange and navy blue flag in front of international monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Coliseum. The Auburn Family spirit is undeniable, but with every new experience and opportunity, there are bound to be false assumptions. That’s why I’m here; to debunk the Top 5 European Graduation Trip Myths.


Myth #1: You have to be an Auburn graduate to attend the trip.


Fact: Despite the official title of the trip, the Auburn European Graduation Tour, any upperclassman can attend the trip. The experience is also open to recent graduates up to the age of 29. We offer the trip to anyone who wishes to travel internationally with their Auburn friends.


Myth #2: The trip costs too much.


Fact: Undoubtedly traveling abroad is not the cheapest excursion, but the amount you spend greatly depends on the type of program you choose. Luckily for you, this trip offers one of the most affordable options. Because we will be traveling during early-mid May, tourist season is not in full swing and we save BIG money. To break it down into numbers, if you attend the 10-day excursion, you are paying $234 per day. If you attend the 16-day trip, you pay $208 per day. This includes planned meals, 3 & 4 star hotels, passes to famous destinations and more! For any seasoned travelers, you know how amazing this price is. The prices do not include air travel to and from Europe, but if you book early and through our travel program AESU, you can save money on flights.


Myth #3: Traveling independently offers the same experience.


Fact: I am a huge advocate for anything related to travel, but there are definitely differences between traveling independently and traveling on the Graduation Trip. First off, the Grad Trip is your last chance to travel Europe with your Auburn friends. Secondly, because parts of the trip are pre-planned, you can spend your time enjoying Europe instead of rushing from one city to the next. Lastly, by traveling with AESU, we receive group rates at incredible savings.


Myth #4: You can earn class credit on the trip.


Fact: The Grad Trip is your chance to celebrate your academic achievements. It is for those of you who have missed your chance to study abroad but still desire international experience. My article, here , explains all of the ways you can benefit from traveling abroad.


Myth #5: You are only traveling with Auburn students.


Fact: There are 40 spots available for our Graduation Trip. As I mentioned in a previous article, we are paired up with the University of South Florida to make up the group of 40. There could be an even or uneven number of students attending from both schools, which is all up to you! In addition to making new friends from Florida, the friends you make in Europe will be ones to remember for the rest of your lives. People who did not attend Auburn are also able to go on the trip. In the past, we have had friends from different schools travel with their Auburn friends. Regardless of who makes up our group on the European Graduation Trip, it’s sure to be a fabulous time!


I hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have regarding the Graduation Trip.  If you have more questions, e-mail or attend our information session on Tuesday, January 28 from 5-6pm at the Auburn Alumni Center located across from the library. There will be pizza and drinks for those who attend!


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