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Auburn is a school rich in tradition. It is also a campus where involvement is promoted and encouraged for students of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. When one combines tradition with the spirit of involvement, the result is Callouts.

When students try out for certain organizations on campus, instead of waiting for a list to be posted displaying who made the group, Callouts occur on the back steps of Cater Hall. The leaders of the organization “call out” the names of the new members of the group for everyone gathered on Cater Lawn to hear. When you hear your name, you get to run up the back steps of Cater to join your new group while the crowd screams and cheers for you the whole time.

            Having gone through Callouts myself, I can certainly say that the experience is a rollercoaster of emotions. The day leading up to it, waiting on the lawn with friends, and then the time afterwards all stir up different feelings.

Sarah Kelly, a sophomore, was selected to be a 2013 Camp War Eagle Counselor at Callouts two days ago. I asked her how she felt during the time leading up to Callouts, and she said that when she woke up that morning she “truly felt like I could throw up or burst into tears at any point during the day.” She also remarked that “time was passing so slowly and I was so anxious!”

Indeed, waiting for your name to be called can be the longest few minutes of your life…or so it seems. However, once you hear your name called, the joy of getting the position you wanted so badly overwhelms you and the anxiety disappears in a split second.

Lynn Tamblyn, a junior, has been through many Callout experiences. She has been a member of Student Government Association, Student Recruiters, and the Panhellenic Pi Chis – all of which are groups that participate in Callouts. She says that getting chosen brings an “immediate sense of relief and excitement” because “it means so much to be chosen for an organization at Auburn.”

Sarah adds that the experience “is somewhat of a blur now, but I’ll always remember that blur!” The excitement of the students who have been chosen for their desired organization is contagious, and electricity always fills the atmosphere around Cater on the nights of Callouts.

Though there is always the chance of not hearing your name called and not getting to run up the steps to meet with a new organization, it is difficult to not enjoy Callouts. Sarah says that “despite times I was not called out, I wouldn’t change the tradition for anything.” I myself have felt the disappointment in not being called to join an organization, but that just makes the times my name has been called that much more special and enjoyable.

Lynn says that she always “does her best to show my desire to be a part of the program” that she is trying out for. Should all students aspiring to join a new organization show such enthusiasm, there is a great chance that they too can hear their name ring out across Cater Lawn on Callouts night. 

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