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Cameron Newton: A Role Model to Thousands

His confident smile is admired by many. Week after week, he continues to prove that he is a superb athlete and is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

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His athleticism has caught the attention of thousands, but many may not know that Auburn’s newest quarterback, Cameron Newton, is more than just a talented football player.

Every Monday, Newton visits Wrights Mill Road Elementary School and vows to make a difference in these children’s lives.

“It’s hard to imagine how he finds time to help others when his schedule is so packed,” said Faith Palmer, Auburn University student. “That just shows the caliber of person he is, and I know I, along with many others, are proud to have him as part of the Auburn family.”

Newton’s road to Auburn has not been easy. It has been filled with many trials and tribulations, but he has learned from his mistakes and is moving forward.

When he arrived on the plains, he decided to make the most out of his second chance. He wanted to give back to the Auburn community, and he is using his new found wisdom to help children.

According to, as soon as Auburn City schools began in August, Newton met with Wrights Mill Road Elementary School Principal, Lynda Tremaine.

Tremaine gave Newton the opportunity to be a part of the school’s mentor program. This allows him to work with children who need encouragement, either for academics or behavior, and Newton was thrilled.
Tremaine knew the time commitment would be difficult because of his strenuous schedule, but he continues to prove that this too is a top priority.

"If something comes up and he's going to be a little late, he'll call," Tremaine said. "If he's got to come on a different day, he'll let me know. I've been principal here for 14 years and have seen volunteers come and kind of fade away. But Cameron is taking this very seriously."

Newton lends his time to helping the entire school, but there are four fifth grade boys that he works with individually. He talks with the boys about the importance of good behavior and always doing the right thing.

“The teachers said they cannot believe the difference in their whole attitude,” Tremaine said. “He was made-to-order for our program.”

Cameron Newton has not only emerged as one of the nation’s top quarterbacks, but has also proven to be an influential role model and mentor.

"He is doing this, without a doubt, out of the kindness of his heart," Tremaine said. "He really wants to make a difference. He has told his boys, 'You know there were times that I was bad when I was about your age too,' but he lets them know that we learn from our mistakes.

Newton has clearly done just that. He has made mistakes, but continues to move forward as he inspires others on his journey to the top.

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