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Can't decide on a major? Customize your own!

One of the most important decisions a college student can make is choosing a major. So often, however, students will find themselves torn between several majors or schools within a university. Students with a variety of interests are often limited in combining majors that overlap through different schools. If this sounds like a problem you are facing, interdisciplinary studies may be the answer for you.

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Auburn University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary University Studies through the Office of Undergraduate Studies. This particular degree allows students the opportunity to customize an academic program to suit their personal interests and skill sets. Students seeking a degree in Interdisciplinary University Studies are able to achieve a broad education in order to make themselves more marketable in their ultimate career search.

Kendra Vinson is an Auburn University senior, majoring in Interdisciplinary University Studies. Vinson, after coming to Auburn, was unclear about what type of career she wanted to pursue, as well as what degree would best allow her to achieve her dream career.

Vinson participated in career counseling through the Cater Center in hopes of narrowing down her interests. According to Vinson, as a part of the career counseling process, she took a personality test and discovered that her strong points included utilizing her social skills by communication. “I talked with an advisor and decided to apply for public relations,” Vinson said. “When I applied, it was too late to register for some of the prerequisite classes I needed for my public relations curriculum, so I continued my studies as an undeclared liberal arts major. I then met with another advisor a couple of semesters later to go over my hours. She advised me to consider Interdisciplinary University Studies. After gathering more information, I learned about the advantages of getting a degree in Interdisciplinary University Studies and as a result, I chose to pursue a degree in it.”

“After school, my goal is to work in some aspect of athletics whether it is in operations, fundraising, marketing or scouting. Within my degree, I chose to concentrate on communication, business and psychology. It will be good to have general business knowledge when possibly dealing with gameday logistics, also communication skills will be beneficial to effectively communicate in meetings and finally, an understanding of psychology will help me better understand and deal with different personalities. With a degree in interdisciplinary studies and knowledge of my three fields of study, I will be more marketable and have a wider variety of knowledge when I am looking for a job,” said Vinson.

Vinson said that she recommends Interdisciplinary University Studies to anyone. “ It makes you unique and stand out more to employers. Also, with the job market how it is, people will have a better chance to use what you learned on a daily basis while getting your moneys’ worth from your college career,” Vinson said.

According to Vinson, the personalization that Interdisciplinary University Studies offers is its top selling point. “Students can choose two or three concentrations from two different schools or colleges. Students can find out more information from their advisor or online at the university website,

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