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Career Center Leads to Professional Students

All too often upperclassmen look back on their freshman year wishing someone had told them study tips, which professor to take, how to study for college and various on-campus resources. Freshman, here’s one of Auburn’s best-kept resources.

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The Career Center. Basically, the Career Center offers a multitude of services, all free of charge to students, to help them succeed while at Auburn. Whether a student needs help with writing a cover letter, deciding what to major in or preparing for graduate school, the Career Center is here to assist all students.


Located in 303 Mary Martin Hall, Career is open from Monday through Friday. Students can walk-in from noon until 4 p.m. or schedule an appointment from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (334) 844-4744 to make an appointment.


Most students attend college to prepare themselves for a job in the so-called “real world.” Career has three primary services just for landing dream jobs, according to graduate student and two-year Career Center employee, Torey Palmer.


The first service to note is the career counselor program that is offered. Career counselors can help students in any of the following areas: choosing a major, researching careers, writing resumes and cover letters, career assessment, job search techniques and interviewing skills. Many of those areas listed are vital to succeeding at Auburn, which can only bolster a student’s career after graduation.


Although the initial meeting between a student and counselor only last 15 t o 20 minutes, if students need more in-depth assistance or request a mock interview, appointments can be made. There are six career counselors that cover every college and school on campus, which allows for students studying anthropology to engineering to pharmacy to receive advise and help about the right steps to take.


In addition to the career counselors, there is a resume review service.


“Resume writing is an art form and it’s sadly an art form that many students aren’t masters of,” states Palmer.


According to Palmer, students can bring in their resumes and Career is happy to review, critique and make changes as often as students may need it. The Career Center is virtually at the disposal of students. Student tuition goes toward all the services that the Career Center offers. However students tend not to utilize resources such as the Career Center as often as they should.


Resume review is meant to help students and proofread his or her resumes. If students cannot find time to meet with Career about his or her resume, students can attach his or her resume in a Word document and ;email it to


Lastly, Tiger Recruiting Links or TRL is a service made especially for Auburn students.


“TRL is a job search engine that we have and it’s both full-time and part-time positions in the Auburn area and abroad, where organizations will contact our office and say that they are looking for and hiring an Auburn student,” says Palmer.


Palmer notes that the Career Center also has access to a nation-wide job search engine. It is in a student’s best interest to contact the Career Center and better him or herself in a professional sense.


TRL is easy to use. Students can sign up using his or her Auburn username and password. Once a resume a posted and students have narrowed his or her search to what his or her interest, TRL will start finding job matches. Another perk of joining TRL is receiving emails notifying students when career fairs are coming to Auburn.


Let the Career Center help you prepare for a successful, professional life after graduation.

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