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Career Development Services offers many practical and useful resources to all students. If you have never checked it out, I would highly recommend you reconsider.

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Katie Mantooth, Career Counselor for the Career Development Services (more commonly just known as CDS), said “Career Development Services is available to all students, so that’s freshmen through seniors and graduate students as well.” She further explains that they want to help students all the way through his or her college career. So whether you are an incoming freshman or a senior on the way out, CDS has something to offer you.

She also explains various resources that are available to the students. Things such as assessments to see which job would best fit the individual, resume builders, interview skill workshops, and how to do a job search.

Margaret Kloess, intern for CDS, readily exclaims that, “the most helpful resource from the Career Development, apart from the resume building, are the mock interviews.” She further explains that CDS can tailor an interview to make it more similar to what one’s actual job interview will be like.

This “helps you prepare and be a little bit more comfortable before facing that employer or that future boss,” said Kloess.

CDS hosted an event last week that was a huge success. It was called “Get Cookin’ with CDS” and it was a means for the CDS to get in touch with students at the beginning of the semester and let them know that CDS is here for them. There was a great turn out as bout 2,000 hot dogs and 1,000 hamburgers were served to employers and students.

“We had about 12 employers who partnered with us. It was a great opportunity for students in a laid-back environment to network with employers,” said Mantooth.

There are also many other opportunities to get involved with CDS incase you missed “Get Cookin’ with CDS.” For example, the Career Expo was actually going on this week, with over 110 employers present to meet with technical and engineering students on Monday, September 20 and over 60 employers to meet with business and non-technical students on Wednesday, September 22.

Mantooth informs that later on this semester, CDS will also be hosting a graduate and professional school fair, which is “an opportunity to network with recruiters from professional and graduate schools across the country.” There will also be an Education Interview Day, which is very similar, but geared toward students who desire to be teachers, coaches, and other professions within the school systems.

Overall, CDS has many tools and resources to offer students. For more information about any of these upcoming events or how to speak to a career counselor, check out the website at

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