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As the finish line approaches and the chaos of ordering caps and gowns, registering for graduation, and the multiple job fairs begin, college seniors may become lost in the confusion and not know where to go from here. Auburn University has their own career advisors known as Career Services to help with the questions that seniors begin to have around this time each year. They know that the last semester can be stressful with applications hanging over your head.

Career Services is at Auburn to assist students with career and study program matching along with helping graduating students and alumni with job searches, resumes and cover letters. They also have interview preparation that is modified depending on the individual student and the type of job that individual is working toward. Levy Daniel says many student do not realize that career services is in direct contact with these employers and knows what the employers want so it can be incredibly beneficial to these students and alumni if they take advantage of their services.

Daniel recommends that in the last semester of senior year, students should create a master resume of everything they have been involved in or accomplished and then begin their job search around spring break. Once you find a job you like, you will compile a resume from the master resume to best fit the company to which you are applying. She says many jobs want you to start within two weeks or less of being hired so it is best to start putting in applications with your modified resume after coming back from spring break. Daniel also says at this point activities and becoming involved in new things unless it is directly related to your field is almost too, little too late.

To set yourself apart from the thousands of college applicants companies see every year, Career Services recommends making sure that you have relevant experience and that you have phrased it properly on your resume. Also, clean up your social media. Employers don’t need or want to see your friday night gatherings. Finally, dress and act professionally both on the phone and if you are lucky enough to receive an interview, show up looking the part.

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