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If you are reading this article, it is safe to assume you are probably 18 or older. With age comes responsibility. The responsibility I am referring to is your American responsibility to vote. Each one of you has the right to vote. But, do you have any idea what measures were taken to give us these rights? 

It is important for the youth of our nation to voice their political opinion on their own ballots, it is a right that was not easily won over, it is our duty as Americans to do what we can and what we are entitled to do to elect a candidate who we see fit to run this country.

After a long battle, suffrage for 18 year olds was finally granted in 1971, the fresh political perspective of our nation’s youth must be heard through your vote.

I recently interviewed one of my friends and fellow classmates, Jacie Coressel. She is a senator for the College of Liberal Arts on Auburn’s Student Government Association. Coressel is also studying political science and has an extensive background with politics. Summer of 2011, Coressel interned in Washington, D.C., with North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr. She really learned a lot during her summer in D.C.

“My internship duties were simply to conduct tours of the U.S. Capitol Building, answer phone calls from constituents and to conduct legislative research.”

Because Coressel has so much experience with issues and topics concerning our government, I thought she would be a perfect source to interview about the necessity of voting. She believes that it is “crucial for this age group to register to vote because we are the future of America.”

This is a valid point because the next four years will have a huge impact on our lives. We will be experiencing many changes; graduating from college, finding a job, finding a place to live and possibly starting a family. Depending on who is elected for president next month, the candidate will have an effect on the changes we will be experiencing.

It is so important that we educate ourselves on the potential policies of Romney and Obama. The economy “is worse than it has been in generations” and if it does not improve, many of us will find ourselves searching unsuccessfully for jobs after post graduation.

So much of our nation’s youth takes the same political viewpoint as their parents. If we do not make our own opinions based on the debates, interviews and general news, and instead simply adopt our parents’ belief, is it really our own thoughts at all?

I agree wholeheartedly with Coressel when she says, “if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about the outcome of the election.”

People our age commonly misconceive whether our vote truly makes a difference. It is important to remember that every vote counts, sometimes elections are very close and we have a say in who wins the presidential race, so why not take advantage of that right? So, while you still have time, get out to the polls and cast your vote.

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