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The last semester leading up to graduation is stressful. Students have to finish off their remaining credit hours while battling the inevitable case of senioritis all while applying for jobs, attending conferences, career fairs, resume work shops; the list is seemingly infinite.

There are the lucky few seniors who know exactly what they want to do, but for the rest, it’s all a game of trial and error. Auburn alumna Abby Threet knew that she wanted to go to medical school, but also wanted to take a break after her four years of undergraduate studies.

Threet graduated Magna Cum Laude from Auburn University in December 2013 with a biomedical sciences major and a Spanish minor. “Originally I wanted to travel for six months before going to medical school, but I was so involved my last three semesters that I didn’t have time to plan out a trip,” said Threet.

As an alternative, Threet decided to turn her favorite hobby, practicing yoga, into more than just a pastime by enrolling in the Registered Yoga School Teacher Training Program at Auburn’s Yogafly Studio. “I felt it was the right thing to do,” said Threet.

Threet started practicing yoga on her own in August 2013, but then discovered Yogafly Studio and decided to enroll in a few classes to perfect her technique.

“I was a dancer for 11 years so I love being instructed and having a teacher to help guide me in my practice,” said Threet. “Being back in a studio setting felt natural to me.”
The RYT program consists of six weekends of on-site training in the studio, outside reading and course work, a four-day yoga retreat and a final examination.

During each weekend, students practice a total of 24 hours resulting in 200 hours of yoga practice at the end of the training. Students learn proper alignment, sequencing, pranayama, a breathing technique, and meditation in order to develop the skills necessary to teach a slow vinyasa and a power vinyasa yoga class.

Threet plans to continue her practice throughout her time at medical school so that she can use yoga as a therapy for future patients. “Yoga is great because it’s a practice that can be modified,” said Threet. “Everyone has the ability to do some type of yoga.”
“I would love to see patients become more connected with their bodies while they are healing,” said Threet. “Just as it is for me, patients can use yoga as a tool for rejuvenation and release.”

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