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Students, faculty and fans’ devastation flooded local and national newspapers after a confirmed report that Toomer’s oak trees had been indeed poisoned. 

Heartbroken fans lined the trees with flowers, posters and memorabilia to honor the trees and how much they mean to the Auburn family.  Tree experts are in the process of trying to salvage the trees, but there is little hope for a recovery.


Rolling Toomer’s Corner has been symbolic of any big win for Auburn for generations.  Fans from all over make the trip even if they are unable to get tickets to a game and bring families and friends to partake in the enjoyment.

Linde Stejskal, a junior pursuing a business degree, expresses her remorse for the deliberate attempt to destroy such a special tradition of thousands of people.  “I have been coming to Auburn to roll Toomer’s Corner ever since I can remember,” said Stejskal.  “My dad and my three older sisters all graduated from Auburn, and they now bring their children to enjoy this fun tradition.  I always thought once I had a family of my own we would share many happy memories rolling Toomer’s Corner, as I have made with my parents and sisters.”


Stejskal reminisced on the several occasions where she and her friends and boyfriend would enjoy taking pictures under the white canopy of toilet paper.  “It’s just something you have to experience for yourself,” said Stejskal.  “I have never seen such a display of pride and adoration by so many fans at any other school.”


Stacey Early, an Auburn Alum, was consumed with shock upon hearing the news of Toomer’s Corner.  She recently moved back to Auburn with her husband and three sons.  “I just couldn’t believe someone would actually do such a terrible thing,” said Early.  “I took my boys to their first Auburn Football game this year, and they were completely awestruck by the idea of actually getting to tee-pee a tree after the team won.  They were overwhelmed with such excitement, my husband and I could barely keep track of them.”


Early is hopeful that Auburn will somehow be able to save the trees so she does not have to break the upsetting news to her young sons.  “They don’t understand what is going on with the trees, they just think they are sick,” said Early.  “Even if we do lose the trees, we will always have the memories, the one thing no one can destroy.”

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