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Chewacla State Park: Auburn's Best Kept Secret

Everyone who lives, attends college, or has even stepped foot in Auburn can tell you how captivating the city and campus are. Most of the popular tourist locations and student hangout spots in Auburn are located either on/near campus or in the downtown area. So, being about a 20 minute drive from Auburn’s campus, Chewacla National Park is often overlooked since it may not be as convenient to get to as other places. Make the drive; it’s worth it. For only a small entrance fee of $4, you will have access to enough amenities to keep you occupied for an entire fun-filled day.

Hiking/biking trails

The trails at Chewacla are probably what attract the most visitors. With 27 trails to choose from, ranging from beginner trails to advanced trails, everybody can find one that is suitable for them. The Creek View Trail, a personal favorite, leads you to a cascading waterfall. Many of the other trails wind through the forest for a different kind of scenery. Delaney Reynolds, a student at Auburn, frequently visits Chewacla in her spare time. “I like how there are different trails other than the main one that leads to the water,” she says. “That way, even if you don’t want to go to an overpopulated hiking spot, Chewacla still offers great options.”

Each trail is both hiking and biking-friendly. Many students at Auburn University own bikes that they use to ride to class. Chewacla allows you to take your biking to the next level, with ramps and hills designed specifically for mountain biking.


For an extended getaway without having to leave town, camp sites can be rented at moderately low prices. There are multiple cabins, hook up camp sites and primitive camp sites to choose from. If you need a relaxing place to study or just some time to hang out with your friends and escape the stress of school, Chewacla is the right place to go.


Water-related activities

Chewacla is home to a 26-acre lake. Fishing (with a valid Alabama fishing license), swimming and kayaking are all welcome at the park. In one part of the lake, there is even a diving board. Although it may be too chilly for a swim right now, the lake at Chewacla is perfect for a warm summer day.


Pets are also welcome at Chewacla. The park is always full of dogs who seem to enjoy being there as much as their owners. Reynolds says that she frequently brings her dog along with her when she goes to Chewacla. “My dog and I go there often and she is a long haired dog so after a hike in the summer she is normally hot,” she explains. “Luckily there is cool water waiting at the end of the journey so she jumps right in. It’s a great place for both dogs and their owners.”

Other park features

There are so many other activities to choose from at Chewacla. Many visitors bring their Enos along with them. There are plenty of trees to hang your hammock from, all of which promise a nice view. There are many pavilions located throughout the park for picnics or to meet with your study group when you get tired of RBD. There are many geocaches located within Chewacla’s 696 acres as well. There are also playgrounds for families with children.

With so many options, Chewacla offers something for everyone at a college budget-friendly price. For more information, visit Chewacla's website.

(Photographs by AOTourism, Alapark and Kristin Fowler)

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