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Chicken Making a Global Impact at Auburn

The life of a college student often can be stereotyped by the food eaten. Often exaggerated numbers in amount of pizza, Ramen noodles, and microwavable meals are thrown out to describe the weekly intake of a college student’s diet. The reality is more than just the great deal of food the hungry growing college student is able to eat. The world is growing and industrializing, and is going to need more food to provide for a growing population.


The School of Poultry Science fully understands the growing need of food production and the urgency of research in the field. To accommodate this reality the School of Poultry Science broke ground this week for their newest building to focus on the research and hands on learning about the production level of Agriculture.


“Students need to understand the feed mill and manufacturing food. There is a real need to conduct research and to respond to increased demand for food. Feeding has gotten very expensive. The research we will conduct will emphasis on efficiency,” says Don Conner, the Department Chair of Poultry Science. 


The interactive research and experience is just another way Auburn students graduating in Poultry Science are going to have a competitive advantage in the job market. Auburn Poultry Science students are already in high demand. “Generally Poultry Science students will receive three to five job offers before they graduate. I receive calls from all over the country asking for our students. If we had four times as many students I could place them all in jobs in just Alabama. The market wants Auburn students,” says Conner.



The food processing industry is the largest manufacturing industry in the United States.


The School of Poultry Science is growing and looking ahead to the future of the program. There are currently four curriculum tracks to choose from with in the school. The School of Poultry Science offers degrees in Poultry Production, Processing and Products, Pre-Veterinary Science, and the newest track just added is Food Science.



Auburn University offers many of the usual degrees one could expect from a large University, but Poultry Science offers a unique program and opportunity with the future in mind. It is more than just simply dealing with chickens and an easy degree. It is far from it.


There are only six Poultry Schools in the United States. The curriculum is challenging, with an emphasis on science. The curriculum is also well balanced requiring business courses to adequately prepare students for their careers.



Students must be trained to be effective in the career. Must have good people skills. “The chicken’s are much easier to deal with than the people, in most cases,” says Conner. Dr. Don Conner looks forward to future hard working students to join the program and is confident of the programs continued success. 


Auburn’s School of Poultry Science graduates students with a very comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Graduates understand the entire system of the poultry process, and the industry consistently comments on Auburn students preparation and work ethic.



Find out more through there very interactive website full of podcasts, youtube videos, and more. The School of Poultry Science is willing to answer any of your questions of interest, don’t be a chicken and regret not asking about this great school and unique part of Auburn.

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