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Why did I choose to attend Auburn University?

Iron Bowl Weekend

1. For starters, welcome to Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl weekend with my family:

Auburn Kid 24/7

2. My mom and dad are the two on the left of the back row. This is how they dressed me for Christmas Day in 1995:

Kick Them in the Butt Big Blue, Hey!

3. And when football season came, tailgating is what we did every weekend. I am the cheerleader on the left, and my cousin Claire is next to me.

Part of the Family

4. And so for season after season I learned what it meant to be part of the Auburn Family, win or lose.

My First Love

5. And during the process, I met my first love:

Moving to The Plains.

6. Then when I was 15, we moved to Auburn and my favorite vacation spot became home. I also thought it was cool to take pictures like this and talked my mom into pulling over for it.

So Many Auburn Alums.. Me Too?

7. Three years later, in 2010, my brother became the fifth Auburn Alum in the Cantrell family and it was my turn to pick a college.


8. And since my upbringing included nothing like this:

Orange and Blue Blood

9. I chose Auburn because I’ve bled orange and blue since birth and coming here meant rolling the beloved and missed Toomer's Oaks on the reg... like when we won the National Championship my freshman year:

It's a Privilege

10. I would choose Auburn University again and again because being part of its family is a privilege. This truly is "The loveliest village on the plains; a place that gets in your blood and stays there forever."

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