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Founders of the Auburn Men's Ice Hockey Team :: Christi Parrish and Elliott Chenger

Yes, that's right.  Ice hockey.  And, they are good, too!

Meet Christi and Elliot.  The phrase "never a dull moment" applies here.  They are girlfriend/boyfriend - a relationship that formed and grew at Auburn.  They founded the Auburn Men's Ice Hockey team together.

Oh, yeah.  There is one other thing they share a love for ... zombies.  Elliott wrote with pride on Facebook about the photo on the left (click to enlarge).

"So, I woke up this morning and saw a commercial for Walking Dead and the scene that Christi was in was showcased. It took us like 30 minutes of searching it online before I found the same clip. Here is a screen shot of her. She is the far right zombie in the row after the first three people. So proud of her in her zombie debut.....problem is she's a zombie. "  Christi got the chance to be a zombie in the hit TV show Walking Dead.  She did quite a good job.

Christi Parrish graduated in May of 2011 with a degree in public relations.

"Coming from a family of Tennessee Vols, if I was going to go to school in-state there was no way I would be allowed in that awful place called Tuscaloosa," Parrish said.  "So I attended Camp War Eagle and felt immediately at home and have been deeply in love with Auburn ever since! I was a founding officer for the Auburn University Men's Ice Hockey Team. I was in charge of Public Relations and Marketing for the team."

Christi writes the blog Magnolias and Maple Leaves.  The name belies her love for all things hockey.

"I created my blog to keep my distant family members informed of what is going on in my life, as well as to help keep myself writing. I try to update on a daily basis or as interesting things happen in my life. It has become a great way for my grandparents to quickly see what i am doing. I try to attach at least one picture per post so that everyone can see a different aspect of the story than just text, but also so that I can eventually look back as well," said Parrish. "I base the material for my blog on what new or exciting things are happening in my life at the time."

Family is very important to Christi.  "My grandmother's favorite question for me when I see her is always , "So what's new with you?", and since I write this blog mainly to entertain my grandmothers I try to answer that question with my posts. That way she never has to wonder."

"What I love most about keeping this blog is hearing my grandmother's gratitude when we are together. She told me when I first began writing that she checks my page several times daily to see if there is a new post. That to me is the best reward. Knowing that I am keeping my writing skills in use and that my family enjoys the read is awesome. Although, I do have to admit that I get way too excited when someone comments on a post! It's a little reward for my work," said Parrish.

Christi's significant other is Elliott Chenger.  He, too, loves hockey.  But, he also loves technology.  Elliott is a self-described technology geek.

"I chose Auburn because of the sense of family and community that I felt when I visited. I was born in Canada and grew up mostly in Nashville, TN. Being that my parents both grew up in Canada I had no allegiance with any SEC school or any school in the US for that matter," said Chenger.

"When it came time to pick colleges I traveled to about 7 different campuses and out of all of them Auburn was by far the prettiest, had the nicest people and was a great place to go to school for Engineering. Though I changed my major after I got here, I have not regretted coming to Auburn for one second," Chenger said.

If you've ever seen the formula 1-likerace cars zipping around campus, particularly behind Tichenor Hall, you've likely seen Elliott.

"I was involved in FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) we built open wheel race cars and raced against 140 countries around the world and Auburn Hockey ( which I started and was the President for 2 years) My blog is a tech blog. Right now it is mostly about Android Developing," said Chenger.

"I recently got an internship at a Mobile Solutions company in Austin, TX called Mutual Mobile. It is the largest iOS developing firm and quickly becoming the largest Android firm as well. We develop apps for companies like Google, Audi, Cisco, Escort, Xerox and Nasa to name a few. I love all things tech and especially love android," said Chenger.

Elliot's blog is These are the Droids you are looking for...Elliot's passion for hockey seems to be equaled by his love of anything Android.

"I choose this topic because I love technology.  I am huge gadget nerd. I am the first to get everything (with what little money I have) and I love tinkering. This is what originally led me to my passion in Software Engineering," Chenger said.  "It allows me to express my feelings and thoughts about all things tech. As well I want to let it be a place for me to show people the problems I ran into while I have been developing and how I solved the problem.  Maybe this way it will help someone else solve their problem."

Elliott is set to graduate in Spring of 2013 in Software Engineering.  War Eagle!


UPDATE:  Christi & Elliott are Engaged!


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Editor's Note: This series highlights students and alumni blogging.
Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice seems to be growing.
This has now become a five-week series.
~ Robert French

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