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Clothing Designer by Day, DJ by Night: Student Shares Hobbies

Benjamin Hayes has made a name for himself DJing at various college parties and bars in Auburn, but many may not know about his enthusiasm for fashion.

Hayes has always had a love for vintage clothing.

“In vintage clothing, the only thing that makes a piece look more special is time and age,” said Hayes. “Finding a piece that you’ve never seen anything like is truly amazing.”

In the summer of 2016, Hayes’ friend Baker Donahue created In With The Old, a clothing company that provides students with a centralized marketplace to acquire vintage University of Tennessee apparel.

After hearing about Donahue’s success, Hayes reached out to him with hopes of bringing In With The Old to Auburn. Donahue agreed and Auburn became the second school to have the clothing company. In With The Old has since expanded to eight other prominent colleges including Alabama, the University of North Carolina and Appalachian States.

In With the Old uses Instagram to sell the clothing items. The picture is the product, the caption is the description and the comments are the bids. Customers engage in social auctions, and the highest bidder gets directed to the e-commerce website where they check out with their order. (Photo: right. Courtesy of Benjamin Hayes and Stephen Stejskal).

“In With the Old has a unique platform that exposes the brand and our product to our market in an exciting and engaging way,” said Hayes. “Using Instagram captures our audience in a way that keeps them aware of our products and what we are doing as a company. This is a direct way to get our brand immersed into our markets daily media intake.”

Most of the company’s products are used goods acquired from thrift stores, alumni and websites such as Ebay, Etsy and Craigslist.

Hayes’ role with In With The Old is to run and manage the Auburn account and to help new schools learn how to run their accounts and make it as successful as possible.

“The first thing anyone notices about Benjamin is the optimism that he radiates into everything he does,” said Stephen Stejskal, who runs In With the Old with Hayes. “I think that kind of passion makes him predisposed to success because he never sees what he’s doing as work. He genuinely takes pleasure in it all.”

Not only does Hayes run In with the Old, he has designed his own line as well.

You Do You was a small outdoor lifestyle company that Hayes created freshman year of college with his two roommates.

“We made t-shirts and hats basically repping what people loved to do in the outdoors in hopes to help people get out and do what they love,“ said Hayes.

“I love people showing their aesthetic through clothing and showing who they are. You can tell a lot by a person’s closet.”

While focusing on designing clothes is one of his main tasks, Hayes still makes time to DJ, a hobby that he has done since freshman year of college.

“My favorite part is definitely the thought that everyone is having a good time because of you.  While DJing, you're the reason people are dancing and enjoying the party.”

After graduation, Hayes plans on either getting his master’s degree in footwear design or designing clothes through graphic design and illustration for a brand, but he hopes to combine his love for music with his love for fashion one day.

“At some point, I would like to own property around Nashville and other growing cities and hopefully incorporate music with clothing lines in hopes to outfit artists and musicians around the world.”

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