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Simply because we live on “the Plains” doesn’t mean we can’t have an incredible sailing club. And Auburn University Sailing Club is just that, an incredible group of young and talented sailors.

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Every year the Auburn University Sailing Club (AUSC) sets sail out of the dazzling Dixie Sailing Club on Lake Martin, which is only about an hour drive from Auburn’s campus. The Dixie Sailing Club schedules club races almost every weekend from March to November, so you will always have plenty of chances to get some sailing time in.

AUSC is also fantastic for another reason, you can sail as much or as little as you please. Whether you have a light course load and are looking for an exciting way to spend some time or have a packed schedule with little time to spare, you can still participate in AUSC.

If you don’t have much time, AUSC always invites any member to come out and have a relaxing sailing day at Lake Martin. The club usually tries to sail at least once a week, but you never know when you might get a surprise e-mail or text to head out to the lake that day. Lauren Jennings, a senior in marketing at Auburn University and AUSC’s Race Team Captain, tells us, “Our lake days or practices vary according to wind conditions and class schedules, but there is virtually always someone who is down to go sailing any day of the week. I’d say check our website or AUSC’s Facebook page for the most current information.”

For those of you who don’t like to stay in one place for too long, AUSC provides plenty of traveling opportunities. Jennings declares, “My favorite part of being on the team, apart from actually getting to learn so much about sailing, is the traveling we do. It affords us to get to know our teammates on a different level, as anyone who takes road trips can attest to.”

Congratulations are in order to the AUSC this year on their outstanding performance in the Sugar Bowl Regatta. The Sugar Bowl Regatta was a two-day race in New Orleans over Auburn’s winter break. AUSC had five team members compete: Bert Dye, Claire Ritchey, Sammy Hodges, Anna Sprague and Wes Wallace. After the second day of the race AUSC had won a fourth place tiebreaker.

AUSC has also excelled in the past. They entered the 2009 Charleston Open Regatta in South Carolina that September along with 19 other competitive teams. Auburn University’s A Division ranked 11th.

If you need a sweet escape from the grind of school and homework, AUSC is the perfect place. Are you down to sail?

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