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Take a moment to think about what your day would be like without talking, using your hands or facial expressions, texting or e-mail. These are all examples of avenues people use daily to communicate. Would you be able to make it through the day without the comfort of knowing you could phone a friend or family member?

The College of Liberal Arts department of communication is where Lauren Weston, Huntsville, Ala., found her place at Auburn, and where many students in the department are passionate about equipping themselves to become better communicators.

“I chose the communication major because I love talking with people and learning about how people can communicate more effectively,” said Weston, senior in communication. “Graduating in May makes me start to think about finding a job. Almost every large company has a communication department, so I feel like this will be a safe career to enter.”

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The College of Liberal Arts is Auburn's oldest and largest school. It is also the largest liberal arts college in the state of Alabama. With a long tradition of quality education and instruction, it currently is composed of 12 departments which are divided into four areas of study. The College has fine arts, humanities, communication and social sciences to provide students with a variety of areas to further their education.

“There have been several classes that have impacted me the greatest by opening me up to new ideas and things I never had thought about before,” said Weston. “Dr. (David) Sutton’s classes and my women’s studies class have been some of my favorites.”

Every student enrolled within the department of communication is fortunate to have access to an enthusiastic staff of professional faculty advisors. A student must apply to be a student in the College of Liberal Arts and maintain a GPA of 2.3 to stay in the curriculum.

“I would highly recommend anyone that loves to talk or enjoys being a people person to be communication major,” said Weston. “It’s so great to think about almost graduating and being able to do what I love in a field that is so important to companies reputations and their shareholders.”

For more information about becoming a communication major or have questions about the College of Liberal Arts contact (334) 844-4026.

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