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She could have gone to Nashville to cut records, she could have won American Idol and The Voice, she could be traveling the states on a tour bus, but 19-year-old Country music singer Jessie Lynn chose to become part of the Auburn Family above all the fame.

She fell in love with Orange and Blue at 7 years old when she came to Auburn for 4-H camps with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service. Ever since then, Jessie Lynn’s dream was to attend Auburn University and in 2013 it came true.

Before the dream at 7 years old though, Jessie Lynn had another dream at 3 years old – to be a country music singer and tour worldwide.

“The music bloodline runs through my veins,” said Jessie Lynn.

There’s no doubt in that since she is named after her great grandmother who sang with The Blackwood Brothers. Her twin daughters, Jessie Lynn’s grandmother and aunt, sang on the radio, also toured with The Blackwood Brothers and cut their first vinyl at 16 years old. (Photo used with permission from Michelle Bufkin)

At 3, Jessie Lynn fell in love with singing at Boothe United Methodist Church right outside her hometown, Prattville, Ala. She started classical voice lessons at 6 and at 11, was offered a record deal.

“We did not take the offer or sign any contracts then because my parent's exact words were that they ‘wanted me to have a childhood.’ I am very thankful for that because I don't want to end up like another Miley Cyrus,” said Lynn.

Instead, she cut her own demo record at Atmosphere Recording Studios in Montgomery, Ala., and for years, continued to perfect her pitch, notes and style while opening for invitational events across the southeast.

However, things with music started to shift at 16 when Lynn was singing in her church’s youth choir and another hobby was on her radar – horses.

Lynn explained that, “Because of my soprano voice, the director wanted me in the adult choir. As a 16-year-old, singing the first soprano in the adult choir with 300 people was just not what I had expected as a performance. If I was going to perform I wanted it, at the time, to be classical broadway shows and so I kind of got bored with singing.”

At that same time, Jessie Lynn decided she wanted to train horses and teach riding and show lessons. She not only grew up with music stars, but with equine ones, too.

Jessie Lynn learned how to train, show, rope, run, rodeo and handle horses from her mother who showed championship halter horses and had her own training business as a young person.

“So at 15 I said, you know what, I've learned and know a lot especially in English riding and horsemanship. I love teaching and helping others so I’m going to start this business to do just that,” said Jessie Lynn.

In her business, Alabama Extreme Equine Productions, Lynn will have 20-25 students in the summer and 10-15 during the school year when she travels home on the weekends to teach. During her first year of teaching and even now, Lynn’s students of all ages are known to win back to back championships their first years out.

Lynn kept Alabama Extreme Equine Productions thriving throughout her final two years in high school and wanted to continue when she got to Auburn University, but knew that during her first semester, she would have to concentrate on adapting to college.

That’s when something musical started to shift in Jessie Lynn again.

“The first semester here, I just had something that said you need to go back into singing. Something just told me you need to do what you want to do, what you originally had started doing. And while education definitely came first that first semester, I just knew I needed to go back into the music business,” said Lynn.

Soon after this realization, she contacted friends in Nashville who set her up with a private producer in Prattville and as Jessie Lynn puts it, “the rest is history.”

Jessie Lynn just finished her first EP track, has a few opening shows and concerts a month and gets in the studio at every chance she gets. Her voice and style is like her musical role models, Wynonna Judd, Martina McBride and Jo Dee Messina. (Photo courtesy of Jessie Lynn) 

Although she loves singing, Jessie Lynn’s first priority is earning her degree in Agricultural Communication from her dream school.

“I know that my education is most important and I want to go get my degree before accepting any singing contracts because what if singing doesn't work out? I will always have my education. After my bachelor’s I would like to get my master’s and possibly my doctorate in veterinary medicine,” explained Lynn.

Jessie Lynn is also the definition of humble. She said, “I love to give back to Auburn and the College of Agriculture through being an Ag Ambassador and representing the college in any way form or fashion that I can.”

One way she’s given back is by performing at the College of Agriculture’s annual Ag Roundup free of charge where she entertained over 1,000 guests.

When Jessie Lynn isn’t working on school or singing, she can be found in the Auburn University Crop Soil and Environmental Science Department where she works in the forage quality management lab.

Lynn would clearly receive the multitasking award of the year. How does a 19 year old do it? She says time management skills are a must. No matter how she handles studying, singing, teaching and working, Auburn University is blessed to call this young star part of the family.

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