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Creating First Impressions through Tiger STRIPES

Tiger STRIPES, or student tele-counselors recruiting and in-touch with prospective and enrolled students, are student-employed recruiters on Auburn University’s campus that build relationships with prospective students and their families via telephone.

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Tiger STRIPES provide important information regarding the application process, student activities, campus organizations and life at Auburn. The Office of Enrollment Services-Operations is currently accepting applications for 2013-2014 Tiger STRIPES.

Sam Armstrong, administrative associate and Tiger STRIPE coordinator, has held his position since October 2011. Armstrong, who majored in communication with a focus in marketing at Auburn, said he feels his employees are essential to the recruitment process.

“Our employees are invaluable to the university,” Armstrong said. “They are the first impression of Auburn for many prospective students and are normally the first person they communicate with at our university.”

Tiger STRIPES was developed as an initiative to communicate frequently and more effectively with students and their families during each individual’s process.

“We want prospective students to genuinely know that we care about them and their admission process,” Armstrong said. “Instead of sending mailers as our initial contact, we like to contact them personally first hand.”

Anna Bafunno, Tiger STRIPES employee of three years, said she became aware of the part-time job through a flier.

“I lived in Hall M Residence Hall freshman year and saw the flier on the entrance of my dorm,” Bafunno said. “I’m an out-of-state student, so when I saw the opportunity for a part-time position that was conveniently located on campus, I decided to apply.”

Bafunno said her experience has helped her acquire necessary skills she will utilize in her future profession.

“This job has helped me gain professional communication skills and taught me the importance of first impressions,” Bafunno said. “When you talk on the phone the student only hears your voice, so you have to make a great impression simply with your friendly and professional tone and manner.”

Armstrong said his students aid in every stage of recruitment, except for initial contact.

“Once a prospective student makes initial contact with the university and gives us their information, we start helping with the recruitment process,” Armstrong said. “Our employees begin talking to the students before they fill out the online application and coach them through the process at each stage.”

Bafunno said Tiger STRIPES has helped her gain a brand new Auburn-filled family.

“Tiger STRIPES has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and make friends that are involved in numerous organizations on campus,” Bafunno said. “I love coming to work because we have one big, diverse family.”

Bafunno said answering prospective students' questions about her university has increased her pride and love for Auburn.

“Answering questions about the university that has now become your second home, makes you realize how passionate you are about Auburn," Bafunno said. "It makes me so proud to attend such a great university and I am happy and honored to represent Auburn.”

Armstrong said they usually hire around 40 students each year and the application process involves two rounds of interviews.

Applications for the 2013-2014 school year are due on March 1, 2013. To apply, students must have at least a sophomore standing as of fall 2012, a 2.2 GPA or higher, excellent communication skills and a basic knowledge of computers.

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