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Crunch Time for Camp War Eagle Counselors

As spring approaches, the end of the semester is near and students are preparing for final class projects or the dreaded final week. When the end of the year approaches Auburn University, there are some students who make the decision to stay in Auburn to take classes and there is a select group of students who stay to be counselors for the freshman orientation program Camp War Eagle. 


Camp War Eagle counselors are a team of students who have been preparing for the summer all spring semester. They have been trained and educated on what to expect and how to handle their position for each group they are assigned to. Being a Camp War Eagle counselor requires a lot of time and dedication, therefore each counselor is aware that there will be a meeting every week where they are expected to know information about Auburn University as well as how to handle certain situations with their campers. CWE counselors know that being chosen to be a counselor and mentor for young freshman is an honor. They take their job very seriously and know that it is an opportunity of a lifetime. 


Camp War Eagle counselors have been calling this time of year “crunch time.” They are realizing that the semester is over in about a month and a half and are getting eager for the upcoming freshman to arrive so they can teach them more about what Auburn has to offer. CWE counselors feel as though they are ready with the test they have to take and pass each week, and also feel like they are ready physically too. 


Camp War Eagle counselors understand that they need to be ready for all of the physical activity that will come their way. From past CWE counselors, the new counselors have been educated that they will be walking a lot. The former Camp War Eagle counselors stress how much physical activity is a part of being a CWE counselor, and don’t want the new counselors to slack in any way. Emily Barnett, Camp War Eagle counselor of 2010, said, “Gatorade was my best friend. I had to hydrate myself constantly because we walked all over Auburn’s campus.” 


Despite the strenuous activity and hard-working mentality, the 2011 Camp War Eagle counselors are so excited for the summer. The group of counselors that were chosen for Camp War Eagle 2011 truly show dedication to the Auburn family and are eager to represent Auburn University proudly. 

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