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Before last summer, David Wisdom was cognizant of what went on in the realm of student government, but was not directly involved.  Ben Peterman, assistant vice president of political affairs, contacted Wisdom last spring about filling in for him while he was in Atlanta for the summer. This led to many opportunities to work closely with SGA and develop relationships with those who were already involved.  When one of the Senate seats was vacated earlier this fall, Wisdom was contacted.  Owen Parrish, SGA president, recommended and appointed him to the Senate, where he was voted in as a senator for the college of business.

As a senator, Wisdom presents and approves legislation that affects the student body of Auburn. He serves on the Budget and Finance Committee whose job is to allocate all of the student activity funds. This includes things like UPC and other SGA projects.  “Our goal is always to make Auburn a better place for the individual student,” says Wisdom. Over the course of the year, they head up different projects and volunteer for things such as Hey Day, Campaign Complain, and HeAUrd That, all of which are focused on the student, making the experience at auburn the best it can be.

Wisdom reflects on his past two years at Auburn and says, “I see that this is the place where I have learned who I really am, and who I want to become. Auburn has been the place where I have forged my values, my beliefs and what I hold important in my life.”


There is a quote in the foyer of the business building that says, “ There is no magic in small dreams.” Wisdom is empowered and encouraged by these words.

“I have a lot of ideas about where I want to go with my life. Here at Auburn, I have learned that with persistence and hard work, I have the tools in front of me to accomplish anything,” says Wisdom, “Auburn has produced some of the best contributors to society, from awesome 2nd grade teachers to the CEO of one of the most successful computer corporations in the world. I see so much opportunity ahead to do great things.”

Being involved in student government has inspired Wisdom to seek to make a difference in our Auburn Family and in our state government; to make an impact on those around him for the better.

One of the new systems that Wisdom is implementing that affects the student body is the new organizational system for block seating in the football stadium. The new system for block seating has done away with the Spirit points of the past. Organizations now have the opportunity to acquire points for attending and supporting athletic events throughout the year. Ignited points will be assessed and organizations will be able to apply for block seating with the new system starting next fall.  

Wisdom works hard to make a difference in the lives of those around him. He often has to turn down opportunities to socialize to pass bills. Wisdom believes this is a small price to pay for the amount of progress he sees happening around campus.


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