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DaVonte Lambert, A Journey from Auburn to the NFL

DaVonte Lambert is a name familiar to many Auburn fans and now he will be known by the entire nation as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers, professional football player. A defensive lineman from Keysville, Georgia, Lambert graduated from Auburn in 2015 with a degree in interdisciplinary studies and has a passion to coach after his NFL career. Ever wondered what it's like for a collegiate athlete to transfer into an NFL career? Read on to learn how DaVonte Lambert made the transition this past year and how Auburn helped make that happen.

1. How is life after leaving the plains?

"Life after leaving the plans is quite difficult sometimes, but at the same time--amazing. It is difficult because football isn't easy. It's my job now, so I have to make sure I'm locked in and focused so I won't lose it. The amazing part is me living my dream to the fullest. Playing in the NFL is incredible because it is something I worked my whole life toward."

2. Is there a big difference in your day-to-day life as a professional athlete than your day-to-day as a college athlete?

"Yes, a very big difference. I will start with that by saying it is a business. There isn't anyone to hold your hand and walk you through your day. You either get it, lock in, and live it or you will be fired. In college, you can eat whatever and stay up as long as you want--not in the NFL. You need your rest and make sure you eat right to last 16-24 games."

3. Looking back, academically, what classes prepared you for the life you are living today?

"Math is a major class that helps me a lot on a daily basis because I deal with so many numbers each week. Leadership classes that I had in Auburn also help because that class made sure I understood what a leader was and ways that I could live to be one. An everyday leader is what I strive to be and my team recognizes that. Public speaking classes come into play far more than I thought they would because I have to introduce myself to people in my profession and talk business more than I thought I would in this career field. Management classes help me to make schedules and go by them each and every day. Some of my electives ended up being some of the very biggest helps in my career.

4. Do you interact with the media on behalf of the Buccaneers?

"I haven't done much of that but I have had the chance to represent the rookies over in Los Angelos, California with the NFL. I was chosen to go there and partake in meetings and listen. I asked questions to get knowledge on the professional program and learn as much as I could as the time went by."

5. What's the one thing Auburn has given you academically that has paid off in the long run?

"Education as a whole. Education is very powerful and very useful in the long run. I thank Auburn for having me. It was truly a blessing to be a part of such great school and organization. You never know how important it is to have an education until you get out into the real world. It is a humbling feeling to have a degree from a place I played at and fought for. "

6. What's the biggest difference in being a part of a college team and a professional one, other than the pay?

"Relationships are very different. In college, you can leave with a teammate and go hang out and chill. In the NFL, you really can't do that. There are teammates that are married and have children so their time is very limited off the field. They have lives to take care. Respect is higher by being in the NFL than college because it is a business-like setting off the field."

7. Who are some teachers that really helped you succeed at Auburn?

"All of my teachers helped me succeed at Auburn and they made me work my tail off to get where I am at today as far as education. I can't thank my teachers enough for making me stick to my studies through my collegiate, athletic career."

8. If you could do anything else for the Buccaneers, other than play football, what would it be? Why? (Coach, media administrators, Public relations, agent, etc.)

"Coach, because a coach is a very helpful mentor and I love to teach others, things that I know. I want to make people better and everyone needs a coach of some sort in their life. Public relations is another area I would like to do as well. Being out in the fan-world, interacting with and being involved in the community is something I would love to be a part of if I wasn't playing."

9. How do you feel when you see your name flash up on the screen during pregame of Auburn games as an NFL player now?

"I still feel like it is unreal. The recognition I got at Auburn was very cool during my time there. Just being able to see my name flash across the biggest screen in college football and letting people know that I am playing in the NFL is a really incredible feeling."

Photo Courtesy of Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

Other images are courtesy of Auburn Tigers and The NFL.

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