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Every student who attends an SEC school dreads those games on the schedule that are 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. This Saturday Oct. 12 Auburn will play there first daytime game of the season.

Nobody enjoys these games not only is tailgating a challenge, but you have to wake up early and the sun is beaming down on the student section. Surviving a daytime game requires a few key items to ensure the day is a success.

1. Sunglasses. It will be so bright outside you won’t be able to see the scoreboard without your sunglasses. It doesn’t matter if you prefer bright colored plastic sunglasses or classic Ray-Bans any kind will do.                     

2. Sunscreen. One thing is for sure even in October sunscreen in Alabama is a must. The student section will be in the sun almost the entire game so make sure to stick a tube of sunscreen in your pocket or purse an  apply it regularly.  


3. Band-Aids. These are essential on any gameday. Since you will only be sitting during half time your feet will be killing you for sure and you don’t want to be walking back to the tailgate or dorm with sore feet. Bring a few extra Band-Aids for those achy feet and blisters.

4. Hair ties. Things are great when you get ready at 9 a.m. everything is looking good and your ready to cheer on the Tiger in Jordan Hare, but by the time halftime gets here you’ll be dying to pull your hair back for the rest of the day.


5. Shaker. This is the number one essential item you must have with you during the game that way you’ll be bodda getta ready.



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