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To some people designing and constructing a building may seem like a daunting task, but to the students in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction, it is a challenge they’re willing to take. 

  The college has close to 1,500 students enrolled in both the undergraduate and graduate programs such as architecture, building science, industrial design, graphic design and interior architecture.“The programs in CADC are meant to reinforce the students basic tendency and desire to improve our natural and built worlds," according to the Auburn University website.

  It’s this strive for excellence that ranks Auburn’s School of Architecture number six in the top design schools in the nation and second in the most admired programs according to the Design Intelligence magazine. While the school and the programs are nationally ranked, what is it that attracts students to majors in CADC?

Blake Sayers, a sophomore majoring in building science, says that the program and curriculum is

 addicting. “It’s like a drug that you love. You hate that you love it, but you just do.” Shelby Beddingfield, a sophomore in the School of Architecture, explained that “ Architecture is exhausting, time consuming and so great. The commitment pushes me to be the best student I can be. It’s worth all the time and effort it requires to succeed.” 

  Outside of all the studio hours and lecture times, students get opportunities to put to practice everything they’ve learned. With the School of Architecture, students have the world-renowned program called Rural Studio that allows them to build “inspiring, innovative, and practical homes that benefit citizens of west Alabama." The program was founded by the late Samuel Mockbee and D.K. Ruth in 1993.   They built it with the idea of improving the living conditions in rural Alabama while imparting practical experience to architecture students.


 Each major offers opportunities for “field trips” to various places in the surrounding area. Some

classes travel to places as close as the Georgia Aquarium while others go as far as New York City. The school also hosts events through out the year to highlight the talent represented within the college. Events like the annual pumpkin carve allow the public to mix and mingle with students and to display projects completed by the students both on the pumpkin and off.


While CADC is full of fun and rewarding experiences it’s also a lot of hard work. Students spend hours behind a work desk only to scratch the surface of a project. The dedication and passion for what they do is obvious and other students at Auburn should take notice. The students of the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction are truly the best of the best.

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