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No it’s not an April fools joke, when it comes to fraternity guys, shock and awe is what they like best. Just a month ago, three Auburn students (names not to be disclosed) decided they wanted to get a pet.

After being discouraged by their parents to not get a puppy because of all the work a puppy entails, they decided on the alternative choice of an alligator. A quick 50 bucks and one week later, they had a baby alligator at their front door, courtesy of an online website.

Properly named Steve, after Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter, he has become their popular pet.

When asked about his living situation and what he eats, one of the owners said, “He lives in a big metal trough with a little sand, 3 inches of water and some rocks to hide under.” The other owner said he makes trips to Pet Smart to buy minnows for Steve and they also have a heat lamp for him above.

An alligator doesn’t seem like it would be the best girl magnet but surprisingly Steve has been quite popular. Who doesn’t want to see an alligator?

Steve’s owner’s love him and take pride in their odd pet but other’s might not say the same. One owner said “a girl tried to take a selfie with Steve and he bit her in the nose.”

His owner’s say, “He will open his mouth and hiss when people crowd him, but he doesn’t have big teeth, just don’t take selfies.”

For now, they say Steve is just a foot long and hasn’t grown much at all since they got him. They are happy with their pet.

What are their parents are thinking now? That they should have just gotten a puppy.

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