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Digital Generation's Inward Focus May Cause Us to Miss Something

Being part of the Digital Generation allows college kids the perks of tweeting every fleeting thought, checking-in on Facebook whenever the heart desires and pinning even the slightest cute thing to pinterest at any moment.  In fact, Pew Research reveals that "more than half of Millennials have shared a ‘selfie’".

All of this online accessibility and showing your friend that Buzzfeed article about friendship that is, “OMG SO US,” leads some college students to ignore what is going on around them.



1. When you are walking on the concourse.

Or when your walking to class anywhere for that matter. Walking and texting equals running into things and looking stupid.

2. Eating out at a restaurant.

“So did you watch the first episode of House of Cards last night?” Your friend clearly doing something more important on their phone answers, “Huh?” in between their chewing. Awesome dinner date dude.

3. Meeting the parents.

Whether you are meeting your significant other’s parents or your best friend’s parents get off your phone. Seriously, they will love you for it.

4. While you are DRIVING.

It seems obvious and it has been drilled into everyone’s head, but choose NOT to get into a car wreck and get off your phone.

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