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Auburn University is known as one of the most diverse universities in the south. According to the website for Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, one of the school’s main missions is to “establish diversity as a core value at Auburn University.”


One tactic for achieving such a goal is to “create, promote, and encourage a supportive and friendly campus environment that is welcoming for, and attractive to people of all races, ethnicity [and] nationalities.”


While the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is not directly a part of Auburn’s food service department, Tiger Dining, it’s safe to say that the two can be in agreement about food.


This past year Auburn has expanded its dining options to include a much more diverse and worldly offering to students.


The latest rage has come from food trucks. These food trucks park on concourses to serve Italian gelato, Tex-Mex tacos, all-American sandwiches, Southern mac & cheese, Hawaiian shaved ice, or Italian meatballs.


Students like Sarah Drexler, junior, say, “campus dining has done a fantastic job bringing more options to students, food trucks being one of them.”


“The different trucks coming in and out offer a variety of options,” says Drexler, and other students such as Caleigh Lentz, junior, love to eat at food trucks because it’s a “fast and easy way to get food on the way to class.”


But it’s not just the trendy trucks that are providing diverse food options. Tiger Dining has also created permanent restaurants to offer options.


Foy Student Union recently became home to a franchise of Panda Express, a delicious Asian restaurant offering tastes from the Orient.


Foy also hosts a barbecue place, salad bar, Salsarita’s Mexican, a gyro stop and pizza flats.


Lupton Hall also welcomed a new restaurant this semester with a Greek version of the well-loved Chik-n-Grill.


Eating on campus is a part of Auburn culture, and it’s important to have variety and diversity in our food to reflect our culture.


Drexler says, “when I eat on campus, I usually eat with friends who all have a unique taste for different foods”


But even with all these options, sometimes you can’t do better than the tried and true favorites. Student Alexis Pugh, junior, says she “eat[s] about the same thing from the same place every time.”


Much like with all of Auburn, students can choose how much diversity they want to experience. Whether it’s the same stand-by favorites or trying something new every week, Auburn achieves its goals of providing diversity in a variety of ways. 

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