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Scott Scroggins is an Auburn University graduate student in Radio, Television and Film (RTVF). Scroggins completed his undergrad at Auburn in RTVF and realized that the current economy was not conducive to new careers, especially in a liberal arts field. Therefore, he decided to make himself more marketable by getting a master’s degree in his field, something that many people in RTVF do not do.  Yet even though, graduate school was something that Scroggins had never considered; he is thoroughly pleased with his decision to further his education.

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Auburn’s graduate program is exceptional, in that one can tailor their classes to fit more of their interests. Scroggins noted that it was a comfortable transition from undergraduate to graduate at Auburn: “I feel like the undergrad program had me well prepared for graduate school.”  He said that he believed it was a smart decision to remain at the school where he did his undergraduate because he was already familiar with the program, the school and the faculty. Also, for anyone like Scroggins who enjoys studying topics that interest them, graduate school is definitely something to think about. As noted before, graduate school can be tailored to more specifically align with anyone’s interests. Therefore, Scroggins was able to take classes during his program that were more suited for media relations because that is what he enjoys most.

Scroggins currently works with the Auburn Athletics Department in their media relations section. He completed his internship here while an undergraduate and was hired as a student employee after. This has allowed Scroggins to find real world experience in media relations, as well as learn more hands-on about the field. One of the favorite parts about his job is conducting the research for the commentators to mention during football games about the players on the field. He also likes that he knows an immense amount about Auburn athletics.

While Scroggins is managing graduate school and a job, he is also an active member of an athletic team on campus. He is a player on the Auburn Wheelchair Basketball team. Interestingly, he was one of the founding members of the team here on Auburn’s campus. The team consists of undergraduate and graduate students who are all physically disabled; yet, they challenge the status quo every day by working out, participating in tournaments and playing intense games of basketball.

“It has allowed me to gain friends who are also disabled and they are able to relate to many of the same things I go through daily. It has also taught me many lessons like time management and teamwork that I can use in other areas of my life,” said Scroggins about the team. They practice every weekday morning from 6am-8am, as well as workout several weekday evenings. Their season runs the same time as regular college basketball, but they mostly play in and host tournaments. It is difficult and costly to travel to other areas of the state for just one game. However, the teams they play are other college wheelchair teams, such as Alabama and Georgia, and the rivalries are just as intense.

Scroggins is thankful for the opportunity to be involved with a league of teammates who know how to work hard and appreciate the opportunities afforded them. He is also grateful to be a part of a school, and college, that has allowed him to study and learn about a field that peaks his interests.


Wheelchair Basketball Team Schedule:

Oct. 20th Lakeshore

Nov. 10th Augusta

Dec. 1st UA

Jan. 10-13 Lakeshore

Feb. 15-16 UI

Feb 22-23 UA

March 7-10 Nationals


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