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Auburn University is comprised of a body of students and faculty that embraces individuality. The College of Liberal Arts is recognized for creating programs that embrace diverse activities and ideas. Diversity initiatives work to recognize individual attributes of Auburn University’s complex student body.

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Daydrie Hague teaches voice and acting in the Department of Theatre at Auburn University and also serves as the College of Liberal Arts diversity officer.


The College of Liberal Arts, as with all units on campus, has a diversity initiative. Each unit works to create its own programs and activities. These activities provide students with opportunities to express his or her individuality differing in race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or differing abilities.


“The diversity program is not a program exactly, but it serves as an umbrella under which many diversity activities take place,” Hague says. “When we are talking about diversity we are not just talking about race or gender but all the things that make human beings diverse and in some cases marginalized.”


The College of Liberal Arts has a student diversity team, which is in charge of research, creative work, outreach and anything to celebrate diversity. The student diversity team also plays an important role in recruiting a diverse and cultural student population.


Hague explains her belief in the importance of students interacting with different cultures and backgrounds. She feels there is a connection between students with an acceptance to diversity and success in the workplace and community.


Auburn University is working through these initiatives to prepare students for life, leadership and a multicultural world. Anyone can get involved and there are countless ways students can incorporate work with diversity in whatever they feel they are going to pursue. The faculty involved with the diversity initiative is also standing by to help students and support activities.


Hague enjoys working with students from many different cultures and backgrounds and she has worked in outreach with a number of diverse groups within the community. She and other faculty at Auburn University continue to inspire a welcoming campus that embraces and encourages the individuality of its student body.


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